A Short Story on “Noble Acts Only Make Us Handsome”

There is a popular adage in English “Handsome is that handsome does.” It means that a person who performs noble deeds in handsome in the true sense of the word. He may or may not look to be handsome, but a person who does noble work is handsome indeed. A person, whose appearance is very attractive, but does evil acts, is not handsome at all. Noble acts only make us handsome.

Acts 4 – the Movement

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The urge to help someone in distress is called compassion. It is divine urge. Compassion is a quality that lends charm to one’s personality. It makes a person handsome in the true sense, even if he or she may not have handsome looks. People love a compassionate person and God blesses him or her as well. Other qualities like truthfulness, mercy and forgiveness also lead to good deeds and to handsomeness.

The Story

Arvind was a lovely young boy of 7 standards. He lived in a hilly town with his parents. His house was a small hut on a hill top. In order to reach his school Arvind had to travel a long distance down hill. There was small steam on the way to school. It had reached his school Arvind had to cross this bridge daily.


Arvind’s parents were very good and noble. They always advised him to be good and kind to others. Arvind always promised to obey them.

On after noon Arvind was on his way back home from the school As he was going to cross the wooden bridge, he heard the groaning sound of someone. It was coming from behind the bushes. Arvind looked for it behind the bushes and soon spotted an old woman groaning in a low tone.

Arvind came near the old lady and found that her right knee and been bruised and it was bleeding profusely. Arvind at once cleaned the wound, took out his handkerchief and dressed the wound wit it. The bleeding stopped. He politely asked the old lady, “Grandma! How have you got your knee bruised? How did you fall down?”

The old lady said, “Yes, my child! I stumbled over a stone. I am blind and have lost my away. Who are you my child and what are you doing here?”


Arvind replied, “Grandma! I am a school boy. My name is Arvind. I am going back home from my school. Don’t you have someone to help you reach your home?”

The old woman said, “My child! My grandson was with me, be he has left me on the way because, he was sick of leading me. Oh! If my eyes were all right!”

Arvind said, “Grandma don’t worry. May I be of some help to you?”

The blind old lady said, “Please put me on my way home. I shall reach my home some how.”


Arvind said, “I shall lead you home. Where do you live?”

The old woman pointing towards the hill said, “Over there, across the bridge.”

Arvind took the woman’s hand in his hand and said, “Grandma! Let us move on. It is going to be sunset soon it will grow dark.”

They moved slowly across the bridge Arvind led the blind lady very carefully through the bushes on the stony path so that she may not stumble again. Soon they reached the old woman’s house. The people of the old woman’s house had been searching for her and were helpless. They were very happy when they saw her back home. They were very grateful to Arvind and patted him on his back and praised him for the good deed.

Arvind thanked them for their gratitude saying, “It is all right.” Taking leave of them he ran back towards his home. The sun had set and it had grown dark. Soon he reached his hut. His parents were worried and were waiting for him at the door steps.

Arvind’s father lifted him up in his arms and said, “Why have you been so late my child?

Arvind narrated the whole story. He said, “Dad! I saw an old, blind lady who had lost her way. She had stumbled over a stone and had bruised her knee. She was lying in pain. I dressed her wound and led her to her house. So I got late. It had already grown dark so I rushed back home. I am really sorry for coming late.

Arvind’s parents felt happy and proud of their son who had done really a good deed. They patted his back and led him in. Arvind looked at his face in the looking glass. He looked to be really handsome. He said himself. “Really I look more handsome today. Handsome is that handsome does.”

Moral of this story

Arvind did a noble deed. He earned the goodwill and praise of his parents and others. Only noble deeds make us handsome.

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