Advice Letter from father to son


This letter is from a father, giving advice to his son, who has taken admission in a college:

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My Dear Son,

This is my first letter since you left home for higher studies at the college. Your mother and I have been missing you and worried about your health. Hope you are keeping well and have adjusted to the new environment.

Your hard work and sincerity has helped you to get admission in a prestigious college. You must remember that your future lies in your hands. Sincerity and devotion to your studies will enhance your future prospects. The college life is full of temptation and allurements. It is essential that you overcome the temptations and not give into them. Only then, you will be successful in shaping a bright career for yourself. Now you are mature enough to take your own decisions. Nobody will be there to check you if you waste your time in useless activities. So, utilize your time wisely and work hard as always.

As a father, I would like to advice you to stay away from bad habits like smoking, drinking (alcohol intake), drugs and late night parties. ‘A person is what his company is’; and friends influence one’s thinking, so choose your friends with care and stay away from bad company. My son, indolence is the worst habit for a student. Whiling away your time will only rust your brains. In your leisure time, visit your college library, read history and biographies and good novels. Play basketball, go for swimming or go to the gymnasium to keep yourself fit.


Heights by the great men,

Reached and kept,

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But while their companions were slept,

They were toiling upwards in the night.

Keep writing regularly, as we desperately wait for your letters. My Son, I am always there to guide you and consider me as a friend. I would appreciate if you don’t hide anything from me, not even your mistakes. I know, ‘Boys will boys’, but still be careful. Let me know if you need extra pocket money. Your mother will send you your favorite ‘besan ke ladoos’ through courier. We pray for your health and success. Your mother is conveying her love to you.

Yours affectionately

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