An Essay Camp Fire Function in Our School

Essay Introduction:

A camp fire is a function which the scouts arrange. It is a branch of scout movement. The feats of skill and the tricks shown by the school scouts make it most interesting. The games which the scouts play provide enjoyment to the spectators.

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Advantage of Camp Fire:

A camp fire is a very important function. It gives an outlet to the feelings of the students. The scouts are taught those things which are of practical value in daily life. They learn to be brave, courageous, generous and helpful. These things are taught to them by the functions of campfire.

Preparations of camp in my School:

A camp fire was arranged in my school last year one the night of November 20. All the scouts of local schools and colleges took part in it. Preparations were made a few days before. Out scout master Mr. P.N. Mitra made all the necessary arrangements for the function.

Commencement of the Function:


All the troops assembled in the field at 7:30 PM. The invited guests had their won blankets because the weather grew cold in the evening. In the dim light of the fire, the function began at 8:00 PM. At once four scouts rushed to the firewood from four directions. Each of them had a burring mashal in his hand. They put them into the firewood one speaking a few words about their identity. At once red flame rose high. We felt quite warm.

Items of the Programme:

The functions began with national Anthem. A few songs were sung in the praise of motherland. One of them was highly praised. Then Shri R.N. Mitra read out the programme. One after the other the school troops began to show their performance. The feats of skill provided much fun to the audience. Everybody was glad with out school scout feats. Rakesh of class VIII played the role of a teacher. When he started teaching all began to laugh at this peculiar method. He put up such a good show that everybody was surprised at his skill. On the principals request our scout master sang a son playing upon a picture as a tabla.

Thanks giving:

In the end of work thanks giving was done. The scout master spoke for fifteen minutes. After his speech the function came to a close. It was already 12. The guests left the school hurriedly.


We were much tired. On our request the scout master gave us sweet to eat. We ate it by the side of burring wood. We drank as many cups of tea as we could.

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