An Essay on Boy Scouts

Essay Introduction:

Boy-scouts are the young boys and girls who are trained to do useful services. If they are properly trained, they may be employed in doing other social useful jobs. School scouts are formed into batches. Thus they are put under a sort of military training. Sometimes senior scouts are trained as scout masters.

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What they learn:

Boy scouts learn things which are of practical use in life. They are taught to be brave, courageous and helpful. In their uniform they are always active. As spirit of heroism and patriotism is filled in them. Indeed everything that makes a citizen useful is taught to them.

Duties of Scouts:

The duties of scouts are of many types. They serve the sick. They protect persons from violence. If they find any helpless person lying on the road, they carry him to his home or a hospital. Thus boy scouts help people in their daily life.


Boy scouts also render help in fairs and exhibitions. They carry on fight against diseases. The services they render to the pilgrims are worth praising in local melas. Indeed boy scouts are a very useful team of workers.

Nature of their Service:

The boy scouts are never called upon to go to war. But they have to fight every hour and every day. If a house is on fire, they run to render help. They are like the good knights of middle ages. They give the needy what need. When there is any useful work to be done they come first to do it.

Origin and Growth of the Scout Movement:

The Boy Scout movement owes its birth to the Great War. Sir Robert Baden Powell started this movement. The trained scouts help the military in war. The scouts build high ideals before the public. Thus they improve the moral tone of the society. With this idea grown up people were brought into the movement. But now the boys and girls of all classes are admitted by the Scout Association. The Boy Scout Movement has now spread all over the world. Dr. Annie Besant started India Scouts’ Association.


In many western countries boy scouts are trained in ambulance work. They are employed when they grownup. In short Scout Movement seeks to bring out the best in a boy or a girl. It tires to develop in him or her character, physical health and sense of service.

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