An Essay on dreaming

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon. Every man or woman, old or young, rich or poor used to dream and will continue to dream throughout their lives. They were dreaming thousands of years back, they are dreaming and will continue to dream till they have mind and soul. Hindu sages used to forecast every important event through dreams. They have some scientific expertise to take dream and decipher them. They were competent enough to understand the meaning of vision, images, symbols etc, seen, noticed and heard by them in their dreams. Sometimes the rulers and their ministers used to consult such sages to guide them and dream to find out the truth. Most of the dreams of sages deal with future events only and the warning signals received by them in their dreams were applied and the future course of action decided accordingly.

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Although every native is dreaming, every day, about past or future events of his life, but he is unable to appreciate them. If the native is a competent person, he can definitely have good dreams and learn about his future events. During the course of dreaming, he sees visions of human beings, places, houses, cities, fields, hills, rivers, which were never seen by him in his present life. These events took place thousands of year’s back, which his mind has never seen in life. Then ho he can see such events and vision in his dream. This is possible because of his immortal and invisible soul, which knows every thing and has seen every event. This soul repeats the events to the native in his dream. The mind of the native has limitations. It cannot go beyond what it has seen in the native’s present life.

Although every native dreams, but his soul and mental screen is not so powerful and therefore he is unable to see the vision on his mental screen clearly or understand the message clearly. So he is unable to remember the dream and as such is unable to explain each event correctly and appreciate the message in the dream. Moreover he is unable to decipher the message in the dream and as such he cannot apply or make use of the message in his dream. It is also impossible for his soul to repeat the same dream again and again. Although he sees the dreams each day, but all dreams will be different. In case he sees two similar dreams their interpretation and application will b different.

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