An Essay on Girl Scout

Essay Introduction:

Three years before I was the student of class VIII in G.M. Modi Higher Secondary School. I worked as a Girl Scout there A Scout Rally as held at Modinagar in the month of December. Our Principal sent a Scout Troop to take part in it. I was one of the scouts.

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The Place Where Rally was Held:

The rally was held in the open ground of Modi Inter College. When we reached there, we found more than sixty tents on three sides of the field. We put up in one of them with out Scout Master. In the centre of the field a Shamyana was erected. By evening all the tents were occupied by the different troops of schools and Inter College.

The Starting of the Function:

Next day the programme of the function began at 9 O’clock. After having their refreshment, all the scouts assembled in the field. The scout Band of Modinagar College started to play. Other Bands joined it. A large crowd of spectators gathered round the field. Special arrangements were made for the invited guests.

The Items of Programme:


The function began with rounding of the troops. In front of the troops the Bands were playing. Each of us gave salute to the chief guest, the Minister of Education. Two cubs of my school sang the National Anthem. Then the scouts of Jain Higher Secondary School began to show their work. Their wonderful tricks impressed the chief guest and the spectators. One by one all the troops showed their wonderful tricks. The next item was drill. All the scouts show their position in the field. We did a few exercises under the instructions of Modi College Scout Master. The demonstration was so fine that all the people praised it. After the drill, the work of signaling began. The trained scouts sent messages correctly from a long distance. All of the sudden huge flames rose from the roof of the college hall. All were attracted towards them. The scouts of DAV School fought with the flames. They removed the burnt occupants of the house with the help of ladder and ropes. They showed how schools and colleges could help the people in minor accidents.

Fancy Show:

The best item was the fancy show. Nearly all the troops took part in it. The item proved to be very interesting.

Minister’s Speech:

In the end, the Minister delivered a short speech. He spoke highly of our work. He requested the heads of the institution to increase the number of scouts. Then the Provincial Scout Commissioner spoke. He tanked the guests of the day and the audiences. In his short speech he pointed out the difficulties of the Scout Movement.


At the close of the functions Rai Bahadur gave a short speech. He was much impressed with the scouts’ work. He asked us to be cheerful, smiling and well behaved in our life. He promised to help the movement. The crowd left the place praising the work of the scouts.

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