An Essay on Kabbadi Match

Essay Introduction:

Kabbadi is a national game. Village people enjoy it very much like Gulli danda, it is not all costly. People generally-prefer Kabaddi to Gulli danda, because it is less risky than Gulli danda. I am very fond of this game. So I never miss an opportunity of watching a Kabbadi match.

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Description of Teams:

I saw a very interesting Kabaddi match in the Youth Rally this year. On the eleventh November, our School team and SSD School team played the final. Our team was captained by Jai Prakash, the well known player of our district. The captain of SSD School team was Vidya Nanda, the selected player of the town. Shri Bishan Singh was the referee.

Description of the players and Crowd:

At 4O’clok both the teams entered the field. There was fairly large crowd of school boys round the arena. The players were in uniform. The students of both the schools gave shouts of joy. Our team won the toss.

Description of the game:


The noise crowd became silent with the whistle of the refresh. The game started. Our captain came forward to cross the pala line. He entered the opposite ground and attacked the opponents. He was saying ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi. He was very quick of foot. He made a good show of his art. None from the rival team could catch him. He touched a player and returned to his side. He won a point. Then Vidya Nand came forward to have his turn. He drove our team to back line. He jumped upon our captain. He was caught. He tried to touch the pala line with our players. He couldn’t do so. He lost a point. The SSD team became furious. Thus the game went on for some time. After eight minutes the long whistle of the referee declared interval.


During the interval the tired player rested. They were given organs to eat. The captain of both the team gave instructions to their players.

The second half of the game:

With the long whistle the game started again. The teams changed their sides. The SSD School team tried to win the points. Its captain came forward to have his turn. He drove our team to the backline, but could secure no point. When our player entered the opposite ground, the opponents tried to catch him. He made a rush the opponents fell upon him. He was caught. He lost one point without losing his breath. He won two points. Attempts were made from both sides to carry off chhundi but none succeeded. Thus the players of the parties rushed returning or losing points. The match continued for eight minutes. The spectator’s enjoyed the match.


After eight minutes the match came to a close with the long whistle of the referee. He counted the points of the teams. We won the match. Our School boys gave out loud cheers. The Principal congratulated the players for their grand success. He gave Rs. 50/- to the captain for milk and sweets.


The school was closed for a day in honor of the victory in the Youth Rally.

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