An Essay on Maharana Pratap

Essay Introduction:

Maharana Pratap and Shivaji are two important names in the history of Mughal period in India. They both loved their country. They tried their best to save the Hindu religion from the cruelty of the Musalmans. Their names shall be remembered with honor as long as there are Hindus and the Hindu Religion.

Wishing You Maharana Pratap Jayanti -

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Akbar and Chittor:

Rana Pratap was born in the famous and warlike family of shishodia Rajputs. His father Udia Singh was a man of character. The other Rajput rulers had given their daughters and sisters to Akbar in marriage. So to avoid fight with powerful Akbar he left Chittor.

The Famous Battle of Haldighat:

Rana Pratap took a vow to get back Chittor. A great battle was fought at Haldighat. The great Mughal army under the command of famous general Man Singh and Prince Salim fought with Rana and his brave soldiers. The Rana and his soldiers fought bravely to the last man. But at last they were overpowered by the large number of Mughal soldiers.

Rana’s suffering:


The Rana who had taken a vow to make Chittor free and now, to fly from place with his queen and children. He passed his days in the forests to keep away from the sharp eye of Akbar. They ate wild fruits and sometimes had no food for a number of days.

There is a sad story which illustrates his sufferings once the little princess was crying for food on account of hunger. The queen had nothing to prepare anything for her. In helpless she prepared some bread of grass and wild fruits. They ate the loaves and put one of them under a piece of stone for the princess who was sleeping at the time. When she woke and began to eat the bread, there came a wild cat and took the bread away from her little hand. There was no other loaf. The princess began to cry. This sight moved the brave heart of Rana. He wept like a child.

Bhama Shah’s Help:

Now he decided to send a letter to Akbar and to surrender before him. But just then his old and faithful minister, Bhama Shah came to him and placed all his wealth at his feet to get an army and fight with Akbar. The Rana accepted the offer and made an army. He captured many places but could not back Chittor.

His Vow:

So, the Rana made a vow not to sleep on the bed and not to sleep under a roof till he got back to Chittor. So his descendants honor his name and vow even putting some Khusa grass under their beds. There is a class of Rajputs who still lead a wonderful life. They recently entered the city of Chittor under the command of Jawahar Lal Nehru with great pump and ceremony to settle and live there in the free India.



India is proud of Rana Pratap who never bowed his head before the mighty Akbar, the Emperor. He suffered hardships with patience but never yielded to the force of Akbar. He was a true patriot.

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