An Essay on Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose

Birth and Education:

Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose was born in 30th November, 1858 in a rich family of Bengal. His father was a deputy magistrate and his mother was a pious lady.

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From the very childhood Jagdish Chandra was in the habit of observing things carefully. He was interested in the study of science and his father encouraged him. He passed B.A. examination at the age of 20.

His Interest in Science:

Jagdish Chandra wanted to go to England to pass ICS Examination. But his father knew his interest and did not agree to it. However he went to England to study medicine but did not continue it because he could no bear the bad smell of the operation room. He passed his B.Sc. from Cambridge.

Service in the Presidency College:


He returned to India and became professor of science in the Presidency College, Calcutta. There he worked hard and made experiments in his own laboratory. He received a good pay.

His Research Work:

Later no he was made the Doctor of Science by the London University. The Governor of Bengal granted him a sum of Rs. 2500/- annually to enable to carry on the research work.

He carried on the research work for 20 years on the electric wave, light, and plants. He proved that messages could be sent by the wireless through the air. His experiments astonished the people. In the meantime, he went to Europe without completing his invention and the fame of the invention of the wireless went to Marconi. In 1901, he took part in the world Congress of science held at Paris and he learned people were so much impressed by his lectures that e was invited to deliver his lectures at all the chief Universities of Europe. He also made his speech at the Royal Society of London.

His Discoveries:

He made many discoveries about plants also. He proved that the plants have hears and feelings. They sleep and behave like other living beings and at last die.

Honors Conferred on Him:


For his valuable services to science, Jagdish Chandra Bose was showered with honors and title. He opened the Bose Research Work Institution and made his name immortal by giving all his wealth to this institution.

His World Tours:

Now eh became very famous. He was invited from all directions. He traveled through out the world several times to gain and give knowledge. His lectures were learned with great interest by learned man like Einstein, Bernard Shar, Romio Rolla, Galsworthy, Keats, Browne, etc.


Bose was a genius. He had a strong and generous heart. He never cared for money and spent his whole life in the search of truth and knowledge. He raised the head of India high in the world of science. The world will ever remember him as one on the greatest scientist of the modern age.

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