An Essay on the Architect of Modern India

It is said that some men are born great, other are made great and there are still others on whom greatness is thrust upon. But truly great men are really born great. This was exactly the case with Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. He was the bundle of a number of great qualities. I admire him most due to the following reasons.

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There was no one in the country that could compete with Nehru in working hard. He worked continuously till the very moment of his death. Not only for a day or two year in and year out, he followed the same hard routine. It was he who gave the slogan of “Aram Haram Hai” to the nation. It is due to his enthusiasm and hard work that our country has made so much progress. His noble example always gives me inspiration for hard work.

Our young men become old in their prime. But our beloved prime minister, late mister Nehru, made young men feel shy at the age of seventy-four. Illness never comes near him. He never took a single pill of medicine, till the moment he was suddenly taken ill at Bhubaneswar about five months before his death. His face looked red with vigor and vitality. It is said that one of the secrets of his success was his sound health. He practiced some ‘Yoga Asana’ daily. I consider him to be the model of a “sound mind in sound body”.


Nehru was essentially a man of the masses. The good of the common people was always at his heart. In fact, he had no private life of his own. Whatever he did, it was done for the sake of the people. It was his love for the people which kept him working day and night. For improving their condition, he started economic planning in the country. He wanted to bring plenty and prosperity to every home. As he loved the people so dearly, he becomes the idol of the millions.

Nehru was a great lover of children. Whenever he went, children assembled to great him. He played with them. He considered them to be the real wealth of the nation. To him, they were the future builders of the country. Children’s day is still celebrated in the country on 14th November. This is his birth date. Children from different parts of country still assemble in New Delhi to celebrate the 14th of November. Children called him “cha-cha Nehru” in love.

The world today is divided into two power blocs. On the one hand, is the Russian bloc, and the other is Anglo American bloc. Both these blocs are at daggers drawn with each other. They are armed to the teeth with the most destructive weapons like the atom and the hydrogen bombs. Though they call themselves the champions of peace, yet in reality they are very thirsty for human blood.

It was Nehru alone who prevented the Third world war from breaking out so far. He gave the magic formula to the world, the application of which alone can bring about world peace. This formula is popularly known as ‘punch shila’. He was the symbol of world peace; He preached the message of peace and non-violence of Buddha and Gandhi to the world. Owing to this very reason, the stature of our country has risen very high in the eyes of the foreigners. The credit for all this must go to Nehru. He deserves all praise.


No one can doubt the patriotism of Jawaharlal. He gave up his all for the service of the country. Thought he could have led a princely life due to the fabulous wealth of his father, yet he preferred to tread to the thorny path of sacrifice. In fact, no sacrifice was too great for him. The following words of this illustrious son of mother India clearly show that he was a patriot of patriots.

At Kalyani congress session he said, ‘I have hardly any ambition left, but there is one ambition left in me and it is this that in the years to come, and in the years left to me, I should throw myself with all the strength and energy left in me into the work of building up India. I want to give it my utmost, till I am exhausted and thrown away on the scrap heap. It is enough for me that I have exhausted my strength and energy in India’s task. I do not care what happens to my reputation after I am gone. But if people choose to think of me then, I should like them to say “this was the man who, with all his mind and heart, loved India and the Indian people. And they, in turn, were indulgent to him and gave him their love most abundantly and extravagantly,” These few words of Jawaharlal are bound to lead everyone to admire him most.

Jawaharlal was a socialist through and through. He did not like any sort of inequality. He wanted to establish in India a classless and casteless society. That was why he condemned communalism in almost all his speeches. “Produce or perish” was the slogan he gave to the nation. He wanted to increase the production of agriculture and the industries to the utmost, so that the poor may also get some of the good things of life. The poor people considered him to be their best friend for this reason.

It will not be far from truth, if we say that Jawaharlal was the savior of mankind. Being the champion of peace and the love of mankind, he was loved not only in his country but also throughout the world. No man in the world enjoyed the love of the people of the people in such abundance as Nehru. He was the greatest man of the modern age, and I admire him most. He is the man I regard as an ideal hero.

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