An Essay on the Debating Society

Essay Introduction:

A debate society means a society in which debate is carried on when a member speaks on a subject, the other member opposes him because he has different views. Thus replies and counter-replies go on till almost all the members of the society take part in it. At the end, the president speaks and close the debate the views of his own.


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Uses of a Debating Society:

It teaches boys how to speak: Debating society is a training ground. Here the students learn how to speak and argue. It is the best place where we can develop our speaking and reasoning powers. It awakens the power which other wise would have remained hidden for ever. The habit of thinking becomes so sharp that it begins to solve our difficult problems. Most of the boys, if not all, will one day take part in the discussion of larger questions of life. So the training which the debating society gives us will help us a lot in our further life on the sage of the world.

A Debating Society makes us Successful Debater:

Secondly, the debating society makes us successful debaters. To catch the weak points of our opponents we learn to listen patiently and carefully to their arguments. This helps them to get the habit of making good replies. Besides this, debate teaches us to speak swiftly. We experience that a slow speaker tries the patience of the audience.

It Broadens our Minds and Controls our Temper:


Thirdly, the debating society teaches us to control our temper. We know that short-tempered debaters lose ground very soon. It also broadens our minds. It teaches us the necessity of the opinions of those who do not agree with us.

Abuse of Debating Societies:

It is true that the debating society is very useful for us, but it may be put to wrong use also. First, the members are likely to pick up quarrelsome habit. Secondly, the difference of opinions may lead to bitterness. They may meet as friends and part as enemies. Thirdly, the debaters may spend much time and energy in the useless discussion. If they do so, they will cut the roots of their life.


The debaters should always be careful. They should debate in good spirit. To arrive at truth should be their aim in the all discussions. Like Burk and Fox, the members of the House of Commons, we should not sacrifice our friendships for the sake of discussion.

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