An Essay on the Misuse of Scientific Knowledge

Man uses science in various ways. He has applied it to his day-to-day work with great advantage. But he has not been satisfied with its useful applications alone. He has misused it. How scientific knowledge has been misused by man will be clear from the following account.

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Scientific knowledge is neither good nor bad in itself. It is man who puts it to a good or bad use. We know that now-a-days everything is being done with the help of big and small machines.

We get our water supply through the municipal water-work. Similarly, there are flour mills which grind our grains. We do not want to walk on foot even to small distance. Cycles, scooter and auto rickshaws are used for going to the schools, colleges and offices. Thus, the place of manual work has been taken by machines; this has made the people weak and unhealthy.


We are happy to say that the production has been increased greatly by science. Gigantic machines are now-a-day’s employed to produce goods on a mass scale. No doubt, the goods so produced are very cheap. But along with them man also becomes cheaper. Machines are known as labor saving devices. If, say about one hundred men are required to complete a certain work, only ten men will be sufficient when machine is used for it. Thus, with increasing use of machines, thousands and thousands of people are thrown out of employment. Machines also discourage cottage industries. That is why Gandhiji was against them. He used to say that they produce goods on a mass scale and thereby throw the masses out of employment.

Capitalism is another is another product of the misuse of science. Large scale industries, which are gifts of science, have created two big classes in society. On the one hand, there are the poor labors that work from morning till night but do not get even two full meals a day. The capitalist exploit the labors. Thus a class-conflict is created in society.

Science increase human unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. It increases his wants. Science has invented many goods of comforts and luxury. It has invented the radio, the cinema, and the television. It manufactures beautiful suits and saris. But all are not rich enough to possess these costly things. All cannot lead the life of the hero and heroine of a cinema film. The result is that they feel unhappy and dissatisfied. Thus science increases human misery.

These are but the minor evils of scientific inventions. One of the greatest misuses of science is its use for purpose of war. It has produced fatal weapons like atoms and hydrogen bombs. Rockets and inter-continental ballistic missiles enable their possessors to drop bombs on any corner of the world. The use of these weapons in any future will cause mass-scale massacre. Indeed, the entire civilization will be destroyed. This misuse has made all right thinking men indignant with science itself.


So far, scientific knowledge has been used only for material progress of man. It has made man completely forgetful of the spiritual side of his life. Science has taught him to believe only in things which can be explained through reason. He has lost faith in god. This is the greatest evil of science.

Of every problem there are two sides-the dark and the bright. We have given above only the dark side. Science will prove a great blessing to mankind if it is used only for beneficial purposes. It should be used only as a good servant. It should not be allowed to become the master of man.

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