An Essay/Article on the Parrot

The below given essay / article is about the beautiful bird Parrot. It was written in simple and easy words for school students.


The parrot is a very beautiful bird. It is lovely to look at. It has a red beak. Its feathers are green. Some of parrots have red feathers at the top. Its beak is curved. It is strong and pointed. Round the neck of a parrot there are black rings. They look very beautiful.

HerbWeb Parrots: photo of a parrot

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Where Found:

The parrot is found in almost all the warm countries. It does not like to live in cold places. It generally lives in the hollows of trees. It builds nest and lays its eggs in it. It lays eggs twice a year.

It’s Kind:

The parrot eats grains, fruits, leaves seeds. It is fond of fruits such as pears, nuts, mangoes, etc. It also loves to eat boiled rice. Some times parrots enter corn-fields or poppy fields in large number. They eat up the grains or raw poppies.



The parrot can fly very fast. Parrots often fly in flocks. The sight of their flying information gives joy to us. They eat their food in a peculiar way. They catch a thing fast with their legs. They tear it off with their beaks and eat it up. They live to a good old age.

It’s Usefulness:

Parrots can learn to talk. If they hear the same words again and again, they can repeat them too. People who keep them as pets, teach them many holy means such as ‘Ram Ram’, ‘Sita Ram’ etc. etc. When a parrot learns many things, it speaks like human beings. It then gives a good price to its owner. It can be easily tamed and made to love its master and his children.



Many people train parrots to do wonderful things. They make a good living by giving shows. For all these reasons the parrot is liked very much by some people.

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