Atomic Energy for Peace and Prosperity – Essay

Like fire, steam and electricity, atomic energy is also a source of power. The use of powerful energy depends upon man. He may use it for constructive as well for destructive purpose. So far, unfortunately, this energy has been used for destructive purposes alone. Heaps of atoms and hydrogen bombs are piled up in America and Russia and also in some other countries. The atom bomb was used for first time by America. A bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on august 6, 1945. After only three days i.e. on august 9, 1945, another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Both these big cities of Japan were raised to the ground. They were completely destroyed. The world was greatly terrified. Thus, we find that the world to-day is on the verge of extinction, owing to the destructive use of atomic energy.

Peace IS Prosperity.

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But this is only one side of picture. There are scientists and thinkers, who are trying to make constructive use of this energy. If they succeed, we live in an entirely new world. Scientists are of opinion that the atomic energy can be used successfully in industry, agriculture and transport etc. world has already begun to feel the shortage of coal, petrol and other source of fuel we can generate electric power from the atomic energy. This will help in running machine and industries. Production will increase manifold. The prices will come down. The standard of living will go up. Many more atomic power plants have been lunched during the eighth plan period. India has entered the field in a big way.

Today we run our buses, trains, ships and airplanes by using petrol, coal or electricity. Atomic energy can also be used in place of the sources of power. This will transport cheaper, quicker, and more comfortable.


We need more land to increase food production barren and rocky lands have to be reclaimed, atomic energy can be very useful in converting such tracts into fertile planes. Further, this energy can be utilized for the crop in much shorter time.

Today radium race are used for treating cancer. Similarly, atomic race will be used to relieve the pain and suffering of the people. No disease will remain incurable.

The future is not as dark as some people take it to be. Only, the atomic energy should be used for constructive purposes, for bringing peace, prosperity and plenty for mankind. It can be a good servant, but it is a bad master. Stress is now on conventional weapons which may replace atomic bombs. Thus India fired Agni and Prethvi missiles so that it may not be obliged to have her won atom bomb. Other countries are also thinking along these lines.

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