Bank Watchman – Essay

The duties of bank watchman are very hard .He has to remain standing at the door of the bank for hours together. He cannot leave his place of duty even for a minute. People come and go to the bank and he keeps watching. There might be hurry and bustle in the bank, but he remains merely a distance observer of activity that goes on within. He can take on part in it, for he must always be alert for any eventuality. His life is dull, boring and tiresome. Day in and day out it is the same old routine, with no chance to break the monotony and dreariness of his existence.

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It is very rarely that something eventful and thrilling happens to dispel the dreariness of his daily life. One such event happened only a few days ago. I happened to be in the bank at the time. There was a great rush and a large crowd at both the counters meant for receipts and payments. Business was brisk and the watchman was more alerting that usual. Suddenly, there was a great commotion. As I looked up, I saw that three men had rushed out of queue. They had pistols and dagger in their hands and their faces were masked. They ordered the bank employees and members of the public to keep quiet and raise their hands. While the other two kept watch, the third man ordered the cashier to hand over the cash to him. The terrified cashier did so. The man collected it in a long bag which he had brought with him and which hung on his solders. He then went out while the other two move backward, all the time keeping the people in the bank at bay with their pistols and daggers.

The man with the cash rushed into a jeep waiting outside. As he started it, his two companions also rushed out and jumped into the vehicle. The bank watchman did not lose his head. As the jeep moved, he fired at its wheels and punctured the tires. It came to a dead stop. The robber then tried to use a scooter standing nearby to make good their escape. They fired at the watchman and he was wounded in his legs. However, he acted heroically without caring for his own safety. He fired back at the robbers and wounded them, one of them rather seriously. The robbers were overpowered. A huge crowed had already collected and the robbers were demoralized. They could not escape with the booty. Somebody had phoned the police and now it appeared on the scene. The robbers were arrested, handcuffed and carried away to the police station.


The heroism of the watchman was recognized by all. It was indeed exemplary. He saved the bank from considerable loss, at great risk to himself. His heroism and devotion to duty were appreciated by the management of the bank, as well as by the district officers. He was publicly praised and suitably rewarded.

This was the most eventful day in the life of the bank watchman.

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