“Be Original” – The Most Important Characteristics of All Great Men

Originality is one of the most important characteristics of all great men. Great men do not just copy others though they may try to emulate the great men who lived before them. Great men also try to do what nobody has ever attempted before. An artist who merely paints the way another artist has already done will never be remembered for his work, for he has not created anything new. He will not be admired and noticed, however good he may be at copying. An artist who paints a picture that has never been painted before, who uses colors and techniques that no one has dared to use before, is the one who will be called a master.

Originality is Not All That Original | Jeff DeGraff

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To be original you must possess courage. You must be prepared for others to oppose your new ideas and thoughts. You must be fearless in putting forward something new, against all criticism and opposition. You must be prepared to think and act without the backing of your friends and relatives. You must build in yourself the courage to go where others have never been, to do what others have never done-then and only then will you be able to achieve success and become a great person.

Men of originality, creativity and inventiveness, who have thought of new ways to do things and who have been fearless in casting away old ideas and traditions, are the ones who are remembered for leading mankind on the path to progress. The timid and weak who dare not break a rule or are afraid to change established customs are the ones who are never remembered because they never did anything worthwhile.


When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, everyone scoffed at his new idea for communication. They pointed out the drawbacks of his experiment. Nobody thought much of his invention. And yet, today, the telephone be invented has become indispensable. Bell is recognized and remembered for his original work and his pioneering efforts.

Once Joseph Montgolfier was watching a shirt dry above a fire. It began to swell and rise with the smoke of the fire. This simple incident gave him the idea of making a gas balloon which would rise high up into the sky. Together with his brother, be invented the hot air balloon which was the beginning of man’s conquest of the skies. The Montgolfier brothers would have faded into obscurity had they, like others before them, not thought of something new and original. Whiles others were trying to fly by building wings for a person to wear, they though of a unique way of rising into the sky.

Do not try to imitate others. Be different and original. Do not be afraid to voice new ideas to try out a new way of doing something. Whenever you watch people doing a task inefficiently, think of ways and means of doing the task in a better way. Do not resist change but welcome it with open arms for it is only through change that we can progress. A person who possesses the qualities of ingenuity and creativity, who has the courage to traverse untrodden areas is the person who will lead others on to the path of success and progress.

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