Benefits of high school nearby – Essay

I support the plan of building a new high school in my community, as currently there are no high schools in my community and the nearest one is almost three miles away from the community.

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Students in my community have to travel a long distance either by any available conveyance or independent transportation. As all of them cannot afford to have their own transport and the parents are also finding it difficult to drop their children daily at the school that is far away from their work places. As the high school is far away and many children have to take either auto rickshaws or buses, there is a traffic problem caused in the route during the school days. There are also potential dangers as the auto rickshaws tend to transport more children than it can carry; therefore there is a risk of accidents caused by these overcrowded autos.

Also the land that was allocated for high school construction is being encroached by private people. Our community mostly consists of middle class people, and they cannot afford to send their children on school buses and there is a lot of time being wasted on transportation to the school. Our community consists of other facilities like a university and a hospital, but lacks a high school. It would also be comfortable for small children to go to the school if it is made in our community and the parents would not worry about dropping off their child at school.


Finally the high school that is going to be built in the community can also provide employment opportunities to college graduates who are unemployed in the community and ready to take up the teaching profession. In sum, I support that a new high school should be built in my community.

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