Bharat Earth Movers Ltd.(BEML Ltd.)

Bharat Earth Movers Ltd.(BEML Ltd.) is engaged in the design, manufacturing, marketing and after sales support of a wide range of Mining & Construction equipment, Defence products and Railway & Metro products. The company also serves the various core civil sectors of the economy such as mining, steel, cement, power, irrigation, construction, road building. It also provides e-engineering solutions through its Technology Division and trades non-Company products, components, aggregates and commodities for  domestic and international markets through its Trading Division.

Canada: Towards Sustainable Mining - EHS Journal

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BEML manufactures and supplies Ground support equipment such as Tatra based High Mobility trucks, Armoured Recovery vehicles, Heavy Recovery vehicles, Pontoon Bridge System, Vehicles for Missile projects, Tank transportation trailers, Milrail wagons and coaches, Mine ploughs, Crash Fire Tenders, Aircraft Towing tractors, Aircraft weapon loading trolley, Transmission and final drive systems for BMP Combat vehicles, Suspension system for Battle Tanks. The company also supplies Bull Dozers, Excavators and Motor Graders to DGBR and Army for Border road construction/ maintenance, snow clearance and other civil works.

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