Biography of Pooja Jain – Executive Director of Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt.Ltd

Puja Jain manages the overall operations of Luxor and is influential in devising and implementing strategies for the writing instruments division. Having taken over the reins as the Executive Director at a very early age in 2005, Pooja strives to make Luxor the market leader in the country. She has been credited with introducing major market and product innovation, including the introduction of the Parker Premium and Waterman brands in India. Under her leadership, Luxor became the first company ever to directly cater to the corporate houses in terms of writing instruments.


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Pooja is an active member of several bodies like Member of the Executive Committee of Young FICCI Ladies Organization, Young President Organization (YPO) and has been nominated for the prestigious Young Global Leaders.

A graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Pooja went on to study International Business from the London School of Economics.

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