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This article is about Career in Modeling, areas of work, training, prospects and remuneration.

Modeling is a stepping stone to career in films. Apart from good money, modeling also gives good exposure to the person. In order to be a model the minimum requirement is good height, well-built physique, a charming face to endorse multiple brands, good communication skill and acting skills. All these clubbed together makes a successful model and provides a good plank to make a career in films.

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Advertising business has been growing rapidly in the last few years and the growth projection is promising for the future. Modeling is a very competitive business. One has to be very cautious in dealing with clients, photographers, and related people in the trade. Some of the essential trait of a model is a striking appearance; and a well built body. A minimum height of 5.7 inches and a perfect skin, hair and teeth is equally essential. A high level of self grooming, confidence and a flair for dressing a equally important. Those joining as models need to be young and ready to start early between 16 -18. It is not necessary to be extremely beautiful but one has to be photogenic and able to project oneself before the camera.


A career in modeling is not a much secured career so it is always advisable not to depend too much on modeling and always keep other options open. It is primarily a city based career option; newer opportunities are opening up in rural areas. With multiplicity of products coming up in the market, newer opportunities are coming up and the scope of modeling has grown far and wide. A career in modeling throws equal opportunities to both male and female but the roles are very different.

Areas of Work

Models are required in different areas to fulfill various functions. The most important of them is advertising and sale promotion. Advertising business requires models to endorse various brands and publicize the products. This could be in the form of campaigns, commercials, events, coordination, point-of purchase campaign etc.

A model has to sign a legal contract with the agency. The contract specifies that the model should not engage in endorsing the rival’s brands. Contracts are usually for a year’s duration and the model can be called upon to participate in a variety of barred from working for competitors. If the strictures are not strictly followed, he/she can be taken to court and penalized for their action.

Advertising campaigns are of two types: television commercials and print campaigns. Print campaigns involve posing for still photographs which are used in press advertisement, folders, brochures, calendars, or even as a component in packaging design. In television commercial, it include making of ad films, and documents. It requires many more people including director, cameraman and sound technicians, and others, and often includes some acting or dance.


A model by association enhances the worth of a product. In advertising circles it is often said that a model’s identification with a product often influence brand choice to a greater extent than the qualities of the product itself.

Nature of Work

Modeling is very taxing career and involves lot of hard work. Often models have to undergo strict regime and have to work under strain. Models have to look fresh, bright and well-groomed. A striking presence is usually more important than conversional beauty as a model’s role is to project an image or mood that audiences can identify with.

A shooting assignment takes a long time and often a tedious affair. Dresses of the models have to be changed according to the needs so as to give a new look in every picture. Coordination has to be made with lighting people, beauticians, hair dressers, various props and related people. The entire process is quite laborious and needs special techniques.

The other area which is fast growing is fashion shows. In metros one can see fashion parades very frequently. In fashion shows, the models have to be tall, elegant looking and must able to show off the clothes so that clients gets attracted and buys them.


Showroom models which is also rising, is basically standardized one. They must be poised and graceful with the ability to project the garments they display as more appealing for the wearing. They are expected to be attractive, poised and well-groomed at all times and be prepared to walk and turn as many times as demanded.

Career Prospects

There are no set patterns on which a model’s career proceeds. Modeling is a very challenging task, and needs a lot of well grooming. The right break comes through an advertising agency, which gives a opportunity to a new comer. Once contacts are established, work comes forth and one has to keep pace with it. To get a good break with an advertising agency, the aspiring model should develop a good portfolio of pictures and circulates it to various agencies. To get a good portfolio, one has to invest in some money and that is what will pay the model in the long run. It can cost anything between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 to get a good portfolio which consists of a set of pictures. These days, models often get video clips done which helps them to get good assignments for commercials.

Successful models find constant work in product advertising mainly through advertising agencies in fashion shows for designers, export houses, clothing manufactures and textile companies and in showroom and garments fairs, with export houses and garments manufactures.

Except for showroom modeling, assignments are essentially worked out on a freelance or contract basis. It is, therefore, imperative to present one’s portfolio and keep in touch with advertising agencies; photographer; film production companies and fashion coordinators in the field.

Models can also enroll themselves with various mode Coordinators to get work. These agencies maintain records of the models and pass it to the clients required. A career in modeling is usually for a short duration of time. They remain in public view for a limited period of time and then, fade way. A good business sense and a steady mind are required to make the best of this short time. Time spent in excising and keeping oneself in top physical condition is vital for a longer career.


There are not ser standard of training in this area, and models are usually expected to learn on the job. A few modeling Schools have sprung up in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. These schools have been established mainly by ex-models in some major cities. Catwalk training imparted by various private institutions involves approximately sixteen sessions of two hours each. Approximate fee which is charged ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 for the entire course period. Courses vary, but cover mainly ramp walking, make up, working before cameras, and portfolio compilation.


There is no ser remuneration package, for a model. A model’s earnings depend on the frequency of work done and individual popularity. An established model can earn on an average of Rs 15 thousand to 15 Lakhs per month.

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