Careers for Indian Women: Teaching and Nursing

There were times when the Indian women lived in purdah within the four walls of the house it was supposed that any with the outside world was danger to her honor. But things are fast changing. Woman has been emancipated. She has grown conscious for her rights. She is receiving the highest education. More and more girls are flocking to schools and colleges purdah has become a thing of past.

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A modern, education girl is not satisfied with leading the life of a housewife cooking sewing and embroidery are not to her taste. Moreover, pressure of circumstances compels her search out for a career. Soaring prices and the breaking up the joint family system are only two of the many factors which make it necessary for her to take to some job. Woman is now working shoulder to shoulder with man in every walk of line. To-day in India, we have lady Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Magistrates and even Police Officers. Recently woman has entered the military as well; she has given a good account of herself in all these professions. But no careers are better suited for woman that teaching and nursing.

Women make very good teachers. They are gifted with a natural understanding of youth psychology. They are more sympathetic than men in their treatment. As potential mothers they can better understand the problems and needs of the growing child. They can easily win their love and confidence; and these are the qualities which make a good teacher. That is why we find woman teachers are generally very popular and successful in nursery, kindergarten, and even higher secondary classes.


Moreover, teaching is leisured profession hours of work shorter than in other professions, and there is large number of holidays. This allows sufficient leisure for a woman teacher. She can use it for her household work, and for looking after her husband and children, if she is married in other words she can easily carry on her professional duties along with her duties as a housewife .the combination is not possible in any other profession. That is way and more ladies are choosing teaching as their career.

The profession of teaching has another advantage also. It does not put undue strain on the delicate constitution of girl. A teacher has not to overwork as house works are limited

She gets comparatively more time to relax even during working hours, she gets one or two periods for rest and relaxation there are also intervals recesses for gossiping and recreation in this way fatigue and strain are avoided.

All these advantages make teaching an ideal profession for ladies. It is happy sign that more and more Indian women are taking to this profession.


Another ideal career for women is nursing there was a time when the profession was looked down upon and nurse were considered corrupt. No respectable girl liked to take up work but Florence Nightingale the lady with the lamp, did much to do away with such prejudice. She showed the world that nursing is a noble profession, following her example, more and more ladies took to this career in western countries, and the profession is now regarded as fully respectable. But in India, people are still prejudiced against it. However with the increase in female education and with more and more girls in search of job, conditions are fast changing. Women are taking to this profession in an ever increasing number. All signs indicate that in the near future nursing would be regarded as respectable in India as foreign countries.

The same qualities which make women good teachers also make them good nurses. There in born gifts of love sympathy and understanding make them entirely suitable for this profession. The function of a nurse is to look after ill-tempered. During illness; people behave like children. They must be treated with great love and sympathy. They must humored, just as a spoiled child is humored by an affectionate mother, In addition to love and understanding a good nurse must have a large fund of tolerance. She must not lose her patience. She must not be irritated by grumblings and mumbling of those whom she look after. She must feel for them and share in their suffering.

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