Change is the Law of Nature – Essay

Change is the law of nature. Everything in nature changes and finally dies. There was a time when men was uncivilized and live like savages in forests. He did not know agriculture. But now he has conquered nature. He has become civilized. He has stepped on the moon. This is nothing but change. Society also must change. It must constantly adapt itself to changing circumstances. The English poet Tennyson was quite alive to this need for change. So he sang the old order should change and give place to the new. Even our good customs, ways of living and habits, must change with the time. For, if they do not change they would corrupt and become hindrances in the way of progress.

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When an individual or a society does not change, it stagnates and begins to rot. An individual must change according to his circumstances. He must adjust himself to the changed conditions of his life. If the circumstance of a rich man change and he becomes poor, he should change himself and work hard.

Similar should be the case with society as a whole. Our old customs and traditions must be changed with change of times. Indian society has not changed with the change of times. It follows the beaten track. So it has not progressed. It lags behind other nations of the world. If we want to take our rightful place among world nations, we must give up our old ways of thinking and living and become modern. The plough must go and the tractor must take its place. Modern methods of agriculture must be used. The country must be rapidly industrialized.


Many of our customs and beliefs might have useful and desirable in the past, they must be must be changed the conditions of life have changed. The ways of thinking and living, that have out-lived their utility, and they can serve no useful purpose in this age of atom bombs and rockets. Even good customs retard progress and become positive hindrances, when they are not allowed to change. Societies then become conservative and orthodox. It fails to march with others on the road to progress. It becomes weaker falls a pray to a number of superstitions. Ignorance prevails. Finally, it dies of new; otherwise the old ones would corrupt and be injurious.

World is rapidly changing. The pace of life grows faster every day. Man has already reached the moon. India must change with the changing world. She must adopt herself to new conditions. The Soviet Union has disintegrated and a result India has lost her closest and strongest friend. The world now has become uni-polar with the U.S.A. increasingly assuming the role of the policemen of the world. India must look out for new friends. She must change her old attitudes or perish.

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