Criteria for Selection of Industry by Women Entrepreneurs in India

A large number of factors such as availability of raw-materials, the supply of local labour, local demand, power, marketing, finance etc. influence the type of industry to be set up by a women entrepreneur.

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A study sponsored by State Bank of India conducted by Small Industry Service Institute (SISI), Indore has recommended the following types of industries for women entrepreneurs.

1. Manufacturing of agarbati, papad, pickle, apparels, stationery, packaging materials, handicrafts and bed sheets.


2. Running of urban dairies, dry cleaning, crèches, restaurants, working women’s hostel, photographic studios, travel agencies, advertising agencies etc.

3. Service centres for plumbing, electric repairs, television repairs, Radio repair, office maintenance on contract basis, catering, boutique, painting, embroidery, tutorial classes etc.

4. Retail shops for textiles, readymade garments, grocery, drug stores, snack bars, sweet meat stalls, soft drinks, florist shops.

Women are experienced in managing one of the most complex organizations imaginable the household, with its many human interfaces and interplay between the sexes, different age groups and different stakeholders.


Women have learnt over the centuries the art of negotiation and reconciliation and qualities of patience and understanding, along with an inherent quality of emotional intelligence.

All these transferable skills can be brought to bear upon the workplace making it the richer, from these valuable experiences.

Women are working in this multifaceted world. The organization scenario changes like a kaleidoscope with every responsibility, accountability and multiple pulls and pushes, which women have faced and came out with success.

In the new order, women will put down roots of a family and discover the freedom of sailing in the open seas. The women will visualize a new horizon and identify directions and make tough decisions.


In the cacophony of sounds echoing of the past the women will cross the threshold to listen to their own voices. The silence of centuries will find the first voice, which will beckon women to sail into the unknown and unchartered land to lay the foundations of their growth to contribute to a partnership.

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