Do you spend money or save them?

Essay/ Article – 1

Some people say that it is better to enjoy your money as soon as you earn it while other prefers to save the money for later. It’s difficult choice faced by lots of people because of the different attitudes they hold towards money. As far as I am concerned, I vote for the former choice, which is that better for one to enjoy his or her money as soon as it is earned. Spending money as soon as possible in my preference because of three reasons as follows.

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First, we can observe easily in the modern society that the dominant philosophy nowadays is ‘enjoy your life when you are still young’. Most young adults like to work for a period of time and they go on for a trip to visit some places they have never been to. Those trips not only help them to keep in shape but also provide them different kinds of knowledge and new perspective in looking at their environment. Other people spend the money for their leisure, which helps them to relax and go back to work with enough energy.

In the old days, it is said that people who save money in a bank understand the philosophy of thrift. Actually, economists say that in the modern world saving money in bank is the quickest way to lose it. Moreover none of the rich people became rich by getting interest from the bank. Living in a constantly changing world, we should adjust ourselves to accept the new ways of investing our money to different areas in order to get the most of it. That is probably the reason why most of the people nowadays put their money into business to get a better payback.


The third obvious reason why I prefer spending money rather than saving them is that it is a part of the contribution for the economic growth in our country. If nobody has the needs to buy stuff from other and the market, nobody will think about how to produce useful products and sell them to make the most profits. Some countries continue to lower the interest in order to force people to spend their money and therefore benefit the society as well as the people themselves. In this broad view, I prefer spending money rather than saving them.

In conclusion, I prefer spending money because it benefits ourselves as well as people around us. It’s also important for kinds to know how to save money as a sense of thrift. Nevertheless, spending money is still the best way to make our lives enjoyable and worthwhile.

Essay/ Article – 2

When I am economically independent, I will choose to enjoy the money I earn instead of saving it for some time in the future. Life is a process of consuming; and we are growing old day after day. So why not taking advantage of being young to enjoy yourself fully, deeply and truly with money- which really can give you many things although we say that money cannot buy all?

No one would deny that we all in pursuit of happiness. And this happiness should belong to today but not tomorrow. Imagine a person, who saves all he can save in the hope of living better in his later life or making use of the money when necessary, suddenly dies from a traffic accident one morning, leaving all his savings without enjoying a pit of them. Since no one will know what will happen in the next second, we had better enjoy what we own now, thus at least nothing can be done without money- seeing movie, watching a game, eating at a fancy restaurant, and so on. Money itself indeed cannot give us happiness, but at least it can offer us such opportunities to seek happiness in certain aspect.


For the young, is such a valuable period that none of us should leave something regrettable in this golden age. Ascetic-like life is not I want to lead. I am a person who thinks material things the most important because I like commodities of famous brand, I like eating in expensive restaurants instead of snack bars, I want to travelling all over the world, things for which money is indispensable. I earn money to fulfill what I look forward to but not put aside to prepare for something that may happen.

Furth more, in view of the nowadays economy situation, governments in all countries encourage people to consume but not save. Economy in many countries is down and down, the most distinctive indication of which is the poor consumption. If every person saves instead consuming, how could the situation be better? Enjoying what you earn cannot only bring you your own happiness but also contribute to the economy of your country, why not?

In one word, I myself choose to spend what I learn and enjoy in time but nit save my money for some time in the future. And I believe that is better both for you and for the society. So, never hesitate, buy what you want to buy if you have enough money, and enjoy yourself as much as you like.

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