Does luck has anything to do with success? – Essay

Some people believed that they achieved success by their own ability, whereas other people believed that they did it by luck. As for me, I would like to side with the former people. I am willing to discuss it by proposing two main reasons.

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Firstly, as for the genuine meaning of the term ‘success’, luck is not the dominant aspect to gain success. What is success? I like to say that success is a great integration of a good motivation, a good procedure, and a good result. That is, success means not only the self-realization or economic abundance, but also enduring endeavor or firm belief. Being a rich man or powerful man without hard work is never a ‘success’.

Secondly, for the social cohesion, I support the former point of view. If we acknowledge that a person who becomes a rich man due to luck as a successful man, we would lose the moral principle that makes our community safe and harmonious. That is because most people are willing to buy lottery or play gambling instead of work hard. ‘No pain’, ‘No gain’ is not fallacy.


As for me, I would like to live in a society where there is no luck for success. I believe that hard labor and great endeavor rather luck is the origin of human happiness and success.

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