Eight organizations that are helping Women Entrepreneurs in India

The growth and development of women entrepreneurs have accelerated because entrepreneurial development is not possible without active participation of women.

So a suitable environment has been created for growth of women entrepreneurs. Because of the importance of women entrepreneurs, a number of institutions have emerged for growth of women entrepreneurs.

The followings are some of associations or institutions which have played pivotal role for growth and development of women entrepreneurs:


SIDBI stands for Small Industries Development Bank of India. It is a national level institution which extends facilities for growth of small scale industries. This organization has introduced two special schemes for small scale industries by women. These are:

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These tow special schemes for women entrepreneurs provide equity and developmental assistance to women entrepreneurs.

These organizations provide financial assistance to women to start entrepreneurial work in the field of spinning, weaving, knitting, embroidery and block printing. Besides the above schemes, SIDBI has lunched the following schemes to provide assistance to women entrepreneurs:

  • Micro Credit Scheme
  • Women Entrepreneurial Development Programme
  • Marketing Development Fund for Women.

2. SIDO.

SIDO STANDS FOR Small Industries Development Organization. The primary objective of this organization is to conduct various programmes including Entrepreneurship Development programme for women.


This organization has introduced various development programmes in the areas of TV repairing, leather goods, screen printing and preparation of circuit boards.

3. CWEI.

Stands for consortium of women entrepreneurs of India. It is a voluntary organization consisting of NGOs. SHGs various voluntary organizations and individual business enterprises.

It was formed in the year 2001 with the basis objective of providing technological up gradation facilities to women entrepreneurs. Besides extending technological up gradation facilities, it facilitates in the sphere of marketing and export support.

4. WIT.

WIT denotes Women India Trust. The promoter called Kamila Tyabji has taken initiative for establishment of this trust in 1968. The sold objective of this trust is to help women entrepreneurs.


With the establishment of Kamila Trust in U.K., it has facilitated its members to market their product in London. It has also extended export support to the countries like Australia, Europe and Germany.

5. SEWA.

SEWA stands for Self Employed Women Association. It is a trade union of women which was registered under Trade Union Act, in 1972. The primary objective of this organization is to empower women entrepreneurs in rural sector.

Most of members of this organization are originated from unorganized sector. At present SEWA has shifted its operations from rural areas or level to global level and receive substantial grant from international organizations like Ford Foundation and UNICEF.

6. SHGs.

SHGs denotes Self Help Groups. It is regarded as an association consisting of small group of self employed women entrepreneurs. The women entrepreneurs may be either from rural or urban areas.

The primary objective of SHG is to take care as welfare of its associated members. It provides financial assistance as welfare of its members through financial institutions and non-government organizations.

7. FIWE.

FIWE STANDS FOR Federation of India Women Entrepreneurs. It came into existence in the year 1993 on the outcome of resolution in 7th International conference of women entrepreneurs. It has helped women entrepreneurs in diversified activities through interaction with various women organizations and associations.


NABARD stands for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. It is an autonomous organization. The primary objective of this autonomous arganisation is to provide liberal credit facilities to women entrepreneurs. The followings are some of essential characteristics of NABARD on liberal credit to women entrepreneurs.

  1. It launched the project in 12992 to provide finance to SHG.
  2. It provides facilities on resources and training in NGO Formation.
  3. It arranges training to bank official on formation of SHG.
  4. It provides refinance to bank against lending to SHG.
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