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Employment News is  published weekly in Hindi and Urdu language with an annual subscription fee of Rs 350. The official website of this news paper is This weekly is published and printed by Veena jain, Addl. Director (In charge Publication Division) on behalf of Publication Division, Ministry of I & B Govt of India, New Delhi and Printed at Tej-Quebecor Printing ltd. It is published from Employment News (Ministry of I & B Govt of India) , East Bloc – IV, Level – 5, R.K Puram, New Delhi –110066. Editor Hasan Zia.

The level of U.S. employment is improved but not fully recovered ...

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An weekly issue of Employment News may include an average of 32 quality pages, displaying relevant information for the job seekers.  It includes features such as FrontPage Article, Job Highlights, Job related Advertisements, Forms, Results  , Career News and other quality information for Jobseekers. A single copy of this weekly comes around Rs 8.00 while the annual subscription fees comes around Rs 350. If you are searching for jobs then this newspaper can give you ample opportunities to find the right career tips and opportunities at  the right time. To sum up, employment news is a great initiative taken by the Govt of India to guide the citizens to get deserving jobs.


Contact Information:

Veena Jain
(Addl. Director General (Incharge))
Anupam V.Chandra
Abid Akhtar
Dy. Director
Suryakant Sharma
Business Manager (Cir)
Hasan Zia
(Asstt. Director)
Nalani Rani
(Editor (Advt.)
Seema Rani
Editor (Cir.)
Anil Marcus
Assistant Director (Prod)
P.K. Mandal
Sr. Artist
Editorial Office
Employment News
East Block – IV, Level – 5
R.K Puram
New Delhi – 110066
Gram “Rozgar”, New Delhi
Phone :

Editorial : 26163055
Advertisement : 26104284
Tele Fax : 26193012
Circulation: 26107405
Tele Fax: 26175516
Production : 26177529
Accounts (Advt): 26193179
Accounts (Cir): 26182079

Category : Employment News

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