Energy Crisis Essay

This essay is about Energy Crisis, the need to conserve energy resources, conventional and non-conventional resources, solar energy, and other sources of energy.

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Adequate availability of inexpensive energy is the most important demand of today. Economic growth and industrialization both are dependent on the availability of energy. But today the problem is that world energy sources are fast depleting and this fast depleting energy resources have put the world in a grip of energy crisis so this is the time to take steps to conserve the non-renewable sources energy and also find the alternative sources of energy or another way is to tap or harness the solar energy.


Need to conserve energy resources:

Many of the developed Western-European countries and Japan depends a great extent on imports of energy resources to meet the bulk of their requirements. If such is the condition of industrially and technologically advanced countries on can imagine the condition of underdeveloped countries. These days the main sources of energy are coal, natural gas and mineral oil and some countries even have developed capacity to produce hydro-electric and nuclear energy to some extent. But their consumption in factories and automobiles is increasing in such manner that it would not take mankind more than a hundred years to use up all the known resources on earth. Hence the need to conserve the resources and use of available domestic resources is gaining momentum.

Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy:


There are two types of resources, there are conventional and non-conventional. Bulk of the non-conventional supplies come from vegetable wastes, firewood, cow dung, besides mechanical energy derived from animal power and manpower. Among the primary sources of conventional energy coal and oil are the most dominant while electricity generated from coal and oil is the principal secondary source of conventional energy in India. Hydro power has also gained importance. Besides, solar energy is an important renewable non-polluting source of energy which can be harnessed most economically.

Solar Energy:

Much research is going on all over the world on solar energy. According to Dr. Denis Hayes, a solar energy enthusiast, the sun could be used for providing directly half of America’s total energy needs. Since energy crisis is a common problem the nations of the world have decided to focus attention on it. They decided to meet every year in the World Energy Conference. This co-operative effect can certainly help to meet the challenge and save the world from the threat of energy crisis.

Other sources of energy:


Another interesting development has been the growing potential of natural gas the world over as gases represent more energy than oil. One of the recent developments is that of biogas or gobargas. Besides, research is being carried out to harness solar energy, produce power from tidal waves ocean waves and wind. In fact India’s first wave energy project is fast coming up at Vizhingam, 15 km away from Trivandrum.


So as the position of nation stands by us, we should take immediate steps to develop alternate non-conventional sources of energy to be ready to face the challenge tomorrow.

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