Essay on the Problem of Social Communication in India

The environment of Indian social system also reflects a problem of social communication. Social structure of Indian society is based on the factors of illiteracy and backwardness of a large section of population.

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Linguistic diversity greatly aggravates this problem. This has tended to maintain or even increase the gap between the elites and the masses. This problem is clearly reflected between high and low castes, illiterates and literates, urbanites and realties etc.

All these social factors are the determining factors of the environment of Indian social structure, social system and political system. These are mostly problematic factors.


Indian political system is a developing democratic system operating within an environment characterized by over population, poverty, underdevelopment, casteism, communalism, regionalism, linguism, terrorism and violence. Despite these constraints India’s socio-political system has been successfully maintaining its stability as a system.

It has been engaged in the process of securing development through control over these limitations by making and implementing desired authoritative values as well as through the spreads of literacy, direct political socialization, organized the spread of literacy, direct political socialization, organized economic planning and policies and above all through active involvement of the people in the process of socio economic development.

After independence the process of all round socio economic political cultural development has been initiated through several well conceived policies and 5 year plans. The progress has been slow, the problems have been many and restraints have been big, yet the people of India are on the march of social change.

The political system has been leading, guiding, directing, coordinating and controlling this march. It is harnessing the resources of the country and channelizing the socio economic cultural factors for ushering India towards the sphere of crisis management and in maintaining progress on the road towards peace, security and prosperity.


The need of his hour is to put in more vigorous and determined efforts towards state-building, nation-building, citizen-building and system-building.

Social structure of Indian society is, therefore, characterized by religious, regional, linguistic and caste diversities. There are social conflicts among the various institutions of Indian society.

Social institutions are closely related to each other. All institutions face the problem of continuously adjusting themselves to a changing society. Changes in the social environment may bring changes in all the institutions. Inflation may have a radial influence on marriage, death, crime and education.

Breakdown of economic institutions may have grate effect upon political institutions. Any change in an institution may lead to a change in the other institutions.


No institution can avoid affecting other institutions or avoid being affected by others. All the social institutions of India society are affecting the political and cultural institutions. Political system, being a part of social system is working under the influence of social environment.

Although there is diversity and conflict in the social structure of Indian society yet these diversities and conflicts have become unique features of Indian social system.

They are on the path of adjusting themselves to the social environment keeping in view the unity and integrity of the nation. The contemporary presence of conflict in the society is a sign of increased and increasing awareness. Indians have a firm belief in unity in diversity, toleration and peaceful conflict-resolution.

The people of India are fully alive to the problems and strains that affect their society and the political system. They are conscious of their glorious tradition and all-round developments, social, economic, cultural, scientific, industrial and technological are brand to integrate Indians into a strong united and developed nation.

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