Examination Hall – Essay

Essay Introduction

Just half an hour before the starting the examination boys and girls begin to gather before the examination hall. Rickshaws after rickshaws and tangas after tangas come and leave the candidates there. Many candidates come on their bicycles. In no time it becomes a fine gathering. Some students come in their finest clothes. Some boys of rich parents come in cars.


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Description of the Happy Gathering:

Boys are standing in groups here and there. They move about taking with one another. Every now and then they feel sad when they bring to mind the opening of the hall doors and their entry side. They very keenly watch the hour when the hall will be opened. Their relatives encourage them. They tell them how to fare well in the examination. Their friends, who have passed that examination, instruct them about the writing of the papers. They also tell them certain experiences of their own. They also tell them some examination tips.

Thought that run through the candidate’s mind:

The thoughts that run through the student’s mind are all about the question paper. They form themselves into small groups. These groups are seen here and there in front of the garden, on benches, in the Verandah or in the green ground. They guess the question paper and answer among themselves the guessed questions. A few of the candidates are seen going alone here and there. They are in hurry to meet some friends. As soon as they met a clever boy they ask him the answer to a certain question. But the boy puts them off by means of a lame excuse or a dry answer.

Some care free candidates:


There are some candidates who have no fear of the examination. They are free for all sorts of anxiety. For them examination is a play. They are making fun as usual. They are teasing those who are busy with their books. They are laughing at those whom the teachers are instructing. They are laughing at the students who are badly dressed.

Other people besides the candidates:

You can see other people who are not examinees. They come here only to enjoy the gathering. Shopkeepers are there keeping their shops. The hawkers are also hawking about. But at this time the laddoss, barfi and other sweets have no attraction for the candidates.

Starting of Examination:

Just a few minutes before the beginning of the examination, the superintendent of the examinations comes with a peon. The peon opens the main door of the hall. Now the students are allowed to enter. All of them whether sitting in the grass plots or roaming on the Verandahs go to door in great haste. Some of them feel uneasy. They go out and ease themselves. They throw out the chits of papers outside the hall for them. Their hearts beats hard and they tremble when they again enter the door. They take their respective seats pronouncing the name of God.


In the meantime the bell rings and silence prevails everywhere. All look serious. When all seats are occupied the main door is closed. The scene is set for the examination to begin.

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