Five Remedies for the Problems of Rural Entrepreneurs

In order to make the rural entrepreneurs to stat the business venture, the following measures may be adopted:

1. Creation of finance cells:

The financial institutions and banks which provide finances to entrepreneurs must create special cells for providing easy finance to rural entrepreneurs.

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2. Concessional rates if interest:

The rural entrepreneurs should be provided finance at concessional rates of interest and on easy repayment basils. The cumbersome formalities should be avoided in sanctioning the loans to rural entrepreneurs.

3. Proper supply of raw materials:


Rural entrepreneurs should be ensured of proper supply of scarce raw materials on priority basis. A subsidy may also be offered to make the products manufactured by rural entrepreneurs cost competitive and reasonable.

4. Offering training facilities:

Training is essential for the development of entrepreneurships. It enables the rural entrepreneurs to undertake the venture successfully as it imparts required skills to run the enterprise.

Presently the economically weaker entrepreneurs of the society are offered such training facility under Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojna. (PMRY) Programmed FICCI, (NGOs) Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and voluntary organizations can also arrange such training programmers for rural entrepreneurs to provide them stimulation counseling and assistance.

For rural entrepreneurs, individual based EDI’ approach is highly relevant where the motivation and familiarization processes coupled with promise of bank credit and support by way of escort services could persuade rural youth with certain basis skills of hands on technology to start small enterprises.

5. Setting up marketing co-operatives:


Proper encouragement and assistance should be provided to rural entrepreneurs for setting up marketing co-operatives. These co-operatives shall help in getting the inputs at reasonable rate and they are helpful in selling their products at remuneration prices.

Hence, middlemen can be avoided and rural entrepreneurs derive the benefits of enterprise. Common production-cum-marketing centers should be set up with modern infrastructural facilities.

Thus, proper education, comprehensive training, setting up of separate financial institutions, development of marketing co-operatives to a large extent help to flourish the rural entrepreneurs in India. Further, both government and non-government agencies should play an important role.

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