Five suggestions for improvement of co-operatives in India

These defects of co-operatives can be remedied by the following measures:

1. Balanced development of all type of co-operatives, particularly consumers’ and marketing societies.

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2. Credit should be granted for productive purposes.


3. Local savings should be mobilized to strengthen the working capital position of the societies.

4. Co-operative personnel should be trained so as to improve the functioning of the societies.

5. There should be intensive educational campaign in the country for popularizing the co-operative movement.

That the spirit of co-operative can definitely produce excellent results. It has been proved in the case of Kaira District Milk Producers co-operative union limited, Anand, Gujurat (AMUL fame), Coorg District orange Growers co-operative Enterprise (in Karnataka), a considerable number of sugar co-operatives in various states in general and in Maharastra in particular.


The textile co-operatives and the consumers co-operatives of Tamilnadu and Kerala and the organizations like India Coffee house workers’ co-operatives etc to mention only a few.

Such large-scale undertakings have proved as good exceptions to the rule that co-operatives are best suited to run only small or medium size business and that they should not indulge in large-scale industrial or trading activity.

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