Getting up early vs. staying up late – Essay

Essay/Article – 1

Some people prefer to get up early in the morning to start the day’s work; while other people like to get up later in the day to work until late at night. Which option do you prefer? I would choose to get up early in the morning. This view is based on the following reasons.


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By getting up early in the morning you can enjoy a lot of good things that the nature offers. You can breathe fresh air, small aroma of flowers, listen the birds singing in the morning. What a beautiful world! In the meantime, these can refresh our brains and quickly get ready for the day’s work. We can immediately concentrate on the work, and solve the problems with great efficiency. For example, when I was in senior middle school, I got up early in the morning everyday to go over my lessons and prepare for the courses that I would have that day. I found it was so efficient and I memorized my study material so deeply. On the contrary, people who get up late and go to bed late tend to leave all the day’s work to the night, and tend to go to bed until they finish the day’s work. This is not a good living habit and also not an efficiently way of working.

Another reason why I would like to get up early to start a day’s work is because I believe that it good for our heath. The body’s cycle follows the nature: when the sun rises, it is time to get up; when the moon rises, it is time to go to bed. Besides, by getting up early we can have time to do some exercises such as jogging, hiking and swimming, which will benefit out heath. Many statistics show that most people who live a long life get up early and go to bed early. While getting up late and go to bed late violates human biology and therefore will do harm to the health. And people who get up late never got a chance to do morning exercises.


In a word, getting up early in the morning to start a day’s work is a smart choice for people; it can benefit both people’s work and health.

Essay/Article – 2

Some people prefer to get up early in the morning and start the day’s work. Others, however, prefer to get up later in the day and work until late at night. As far as I am concerned, getting up early is a good habit because it is good for heath, and it is easy for people to take care of everyday work.

In the first place, everyone knows that getting up early is a very good habit for our heath. You can enjoy the fresh air in the early morning, and also you can get a good night’s sleep during the midnight. Moreover, if you get up early, before going to work, you still have enough time to do some exercise, such as walking, running and riding the bike. Without doubt, all of the exercise can help you to stay healthy.

In the second place, it is easy to take care of everyday work if people get up early. For example, if everyone in the family gets up early, the wife will have enough time to prepare the breakfast for the whole family, the children will have enough time to catch the school bus, the husband will never forget to change his dirty shirt. Everything is in order.


Admittedly, some people who work until midnight and get up later in the day claim that working in the midnight is more efficient for them as they can concentrate on their work without distraction. However, the advantages of getting up early more weight than those of getting up late.

Essay/Article – 3

Meng Haoran, an ancient Chinese poet, wrote in one of his poems his happy feeling when wakened by the chirping of birds in a spring morning. It seems that he didn’t get up early and waked “naturally” after a sound sleep. What kind of time table a person should follow depends on the character and habit of him and even on the job he does. I think it is important to arrange our life in such a way as to ensure high efficiency of our work and good to our health. Some people prefers to work until late at night because they feel that they can concentrate their mind in a quite environment when others are in sleep.

For instance, many writers like to write at night. It is said that a famous French writer who lived in a small house on a hill at seaside was accustomed to work so late at night that the lamplight from the window was perceived by the sea crewmen as a signal leading their ships into the harbor. In China, people are encouraged to follow a regular living habit, which requires early sleep and early rise. For a long time in the past, China has been a traditional agricultural society, in which people lived a life that progressed slowly with the change of time.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “a man should get up early so as to clean the house to prepare for the day’s work.” Even today, we can see many old people do exercise early in the morning in parks or open areas of cities. However, with the rapid social and economical development, people are now forced to some extend to abandon such a living style based on the progress of the time.


Nowadays, we are living in a fast changing society, sometimes we have to follow a rhythm or timetable according to the need of our work instead of our own will. But however we arrange our life, we should try to take into account of our conditions in order to do our work well.

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