Has the media paid too much attention to celebrities? – Essay/Article

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In this global informational age where newspapers or magazines are always handy to TV has already turned so many people into couch tomatoes, few people concern about what these mass media has brought to us; we just accept it anyway. While I think the current focus on personal lives of famous people by these media requires further consideration.

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Admittedly, it is reasonable for those media to continuously pay great attention to celebrities, the present fierce competition of the various media, the hard-to-pleased audience taste, and the bombastic effect of coverage of these shinning figures. No surprise sometimes that we feel we just know more than those famous people than themselves.

However, the consequence of such intense coverage on public figures’ personal lives not only violate those being focused on a certain level, but also do harm to us being-informed in some ways. Firstly, the privacy of those celebrities is ineluctably encroached from time to time. Sometimes the result is sad- do not forget the tragedy of Princess Diana. Secondly, our attention is certainly being diverted by sucj tide of craziness about celebrities. What about those viewers who want to see something about ordinary people’s lives? How can mass media not concern more about those people suffering from pain and poverty?


In a sense, I don’t quite appreciate the coverage of people in the center of spotlight, may be once the mass media turn a bit from their current focus to other aspects of the society, they may find out that the world is wonderful all the same.

Essay/ Article – 2

With the prosperity of both science and culture, people are accustomed with an abundant supply of information. Modern media, such as television, newspapers, magazines, reinforces our accesses to news and information of all kinds, the most prevalent of which are those about public figures and celebrities’. Now there is a growing awareness that media now play too much attention to the personal lives of famous people. As far as I am concerned, I cannot agree more agree more with the statement and my point of view is wheel founded.

Nowhere in the history has the conation been more visible that reports about famous people, like music stars, movie actors/actresses and sports figures are easily available and unusually in details. When we turn on the TV, we may be led to the new apartment of a fashion start, when we glance at the paper, we may see dim pictures of an actress and her new boyfriend; especially when we are online, it is almost impossible for us to get rid of the latest affairs of talented football player. It seems that the personal lives figures weight much more than the contribution they make to the society. All these absurd attention paid to their privacy is a waste of resources and degradation of public interest.

Another equally important aspect is that most of reports on lives of famous people are always focused on brilliant achievements and extravagant enjoyments, which overstate the gorgeous part and understate the painstaking part. Therefore, young people are often biased and tend to pursue such kinds of lives but with little endeavor. In addition, since the teenage are inclined to adore their idols with such a passion that mass of negative news and information of popular figures may even twist some youth’s view of life.


Beside, public attention excessively paid to individual privacy of celebrities not only deteriorates social morality, but also derive the regularity and peacefulness of daily lives from those figures. Furthermore, tragedies are sparked in some extreme cases. One of the most well known examples is the death of Princess Diana of Britain.

Certainly, I don’t deny that some decent habits or features of the famous individual add to his/her attraction and help to characterize him/her better. But our interest and curiosities should be properly controlled. All I want to assert here is a rational attitude to public figures and respect for individuals.

Essay/ Article – 3

Some people feel that television; newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities, although others have different opinion about that. As far as I am concerned, I fully agree with that. Safe to say, more than 70 % lights are focused on those famous people and all kinds of starts. This is because common people like to watch, to know about and to become famous guys.

Let us look at the television first, when you turn on the television, there are more than 60 channels in United States, but almost all channels are either talking about celebrities, movie stars, or showing some TV soap program in which some movie start is in it. There are daily programs such as “E-Talk”, “Access Hollywood”, and “Entertainment Tonight” which concentrate on lives of famous starts. You can tell from their names. Not to mention there are a lot of awards such as Oscar award, Gold Globe, and so on. They are all about famous people. For the program of talking show, such as the Opera Show, or the Larry King Show, most guests that are invited to these programs are celebrities or politicians. And people love to watch that.


As for magazines or newspapers, it is the same situation. The first front page second page and headline are very often about famous people in different areas, even sometimes discussing the private life of famous people. It looks like if there are no celebrity photos on the front page, the subscription will decrease. People love to read stories about their starts or celebrities.

Especially, there are so many photographers who want to take pictures of these famous people’s private life. They don’t care how this will invade those people’s privacy, because they know these photos of celebrities may help them get rich. Think about how Princess Dina died in 1997. Nobody can say that it has nothing to do with those paparazzi. The fact that people love to know everything about Dianna, one of the most famous celebrities in the world, killed the princess.

In conclusion, TV, newspapers and magazines need these celebrities to attract people’s eyeball. Otherwise, they cannot survive. And the average people seem to enjoy these personal lives of famous people or celebrities. So it is quite normal for media to pay so much attention to these big guys in the world.

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