Hospital Ward – Essay

Essay Introduction

A hospital consists of several wards. There are female ward, infections dressed ward, outdoor patients ward, operation ward, emergency ward etc. These wards are joined together except the infectious disease ward, which is kept isolated from the other wards.

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Sight of the Building:


The building of the hospital is like any other building. It is artistically built. It has many doors, windows and ventilators. The rooms are furnished with descent articles of furniture. But the hospital furniture is different from household furniture in many ways. Each room is provided with different styles of beds.

Surrounding of the building:

The surroundings of the hospital are quite attractive, neat and clean. Unlike houses each ward has a garden in front of it. It adds to the beauty of the hospital. The wards are neat and clean. There is separate arrangement for outdoor and indoor patients.



There is a special room where operations re done. It is called the operation room or theater. Nobody except the doctor and his attendants and the patient is allowed to enter it. It is fitted with surgical appliances.

Silence in the ward:

There is perfect silence everywhere in the ward. The silence of the ward is broken by the gentle footsteps of a doctor, a nurse or their words of sympathy.

What the doctor and the nurse do in the ward:


The patients are under the charge of a sister or nurse. She looks after them. She is dressed in white. She gives them the necessary diet and other things. She also notes their temperature. She feels their pulse. She washes their hands and mouths. She changes their classes. She gives them medicines at the proper time. She moves from bed to bed to do her duty properly. The patients keep lying the whole day. They are often sad and gloomy. The sister tries to cheer them up with sweet words. There are rows of beds for patients. A small wire gauge book and a temperature chart are seen by the side of each patient.

The doctor visits the patients at about 10 a.m. He goes to every bed. He enquires about patient’s difficulties. He makes enquires about their improvements and then prescribes the treatment. He encourages the patients by his sweet talks and goes away with a smile in his lips.

Ward Atmosphere:

The ward is generally silent. But its silent does not last long. The friends and the relatives of the patient visit it daily. The sight of relatives makes the patients happy. They talk with them. At last the bell rings and visitors leave the wards.

Scene at night in the wards:

At night the patients are served with their meals. Then some of them go to sleep. The others pass night in their eyes. They make plans for the future. They hope much from the doctors and nurses. A few patients cry in pain. When the nurse injects them to relieve them of their pain they go to sleep.


But it is a pity that some nurse and doctors are greedy and careless. They do not do much for the patients till they get some money from them as bribes. The servants working in the hospital ward have to be tipped to get things done.

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