How to be Ambitious? – Moral Story

There are two kinds of people- those without ambition who drift aimlessly through life, achieving little or no success, and those who are ambitious, who aim to climb to the top of the ladder of success.

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People with ambition have a clear-cut purpose in life. They know what they want to achieve and they make every effort to realize their ambition. Ambition helps people to work hard; it gives them the desire to improve progress and get ahead; it is the force that gives people the strength to struggle against odds and overcome obstacles in their path. It directs their efforts towards the ultimate goal.

You must first decide what your ambition is; what you want to become when you grownup, what you want to achieve in life. Then you must direct all your activities and efforts towards the achievement of your ambition. As you grow up, you should pursue your ambition or else it will soon fade. Then you will not be able to achieve much nor will you feel content with yourself and your work. You should try to keep the fire of ambition burning strongly within you by building the qualities of determination, will-power and the belief that nothing is impossible to achieve.


If it weren’t for ambition, many a great man that we read bout, would never have been able to climb to the top. Most great scientists, artists, soldiers, engineers, statesmen, doctors and men of letters met with great difficulties before they could achieve a position of distinction. Many were raised in poverty, without the benefit of a good education. But they decided at an early age what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go.

Nelson, the great British admiral, wanted to become a naval hero. His ambition gave him the strength to fight against ill-health and rise to the top. Abraham Lincoln had little or no education because he came from a poor family, but his political ambitions were so strong that he rose to become the President of the United States of America. There are thousands of similar examples of people who found a way to overcome their handicaps, no mater what their disadvantages were, because of their ambition to achieve something great and noble.

If you aspire to lead your class and come first in everything, you can achieve your ambition if you desire is strong enough to make you work hard. It is up to you to maintain a singleness of purpose and to word hard to achieve it. And when you do, you must not stop there. You must go on aspiring towards higher goals. You must set yourself higher goals and relentlessly pursue them by hard work and dedication.

Although it is good to be ambitious, you must be careful not to be over ambitious. Try and avoid becoming impatient to achieve results. You should not be so eager to achieve results that you harm others and disregard the feelings of your friends and companions. It is good to be ambitious, to aim high, but this must not be done at the cost of others. People who are over-ambitious are unkind, ruthless, proud and cruel. They are selfish and do not consider the feelings of others. Be ambitious by all means, but do not tread on other people’s toes to achieve your ambition.


Ambition is an admirable quality. You should decide early in the life what your ambition is. If you have a strong ambition you will rise above the average person. Your ambition will put you on the path to success, achievement and distinction.

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