How to download back issues of Employment Newspaper ? – Guide

In our last post under the Newspaper category we brought you an exclusive article on Employment News Weekly ! Review. Thanks for all the mellifluous comments given by readers like you, that inspires and motivates us to move ahead than others. As you know Employment Newspaper is one of the most popular publication powered by the Indian Government focusing on Jobs.

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It is published weekly and includes an outstanding career oriented FrontPage article and other information’s related to job search, vacancies, employment, interviews, results and etc. One can read this newspaper in English, Hindi and Urdu languages and can even sign up for an annual subscription with Rs 350/-.

Today, in this article we will discuss about the steps required for reading the Employment Newspaper (online version) or for downloading it’s PDF version to our local computer. You can get the back issues of this newspaper from website like Scrib, Rapid Share, Mega Uploads and other files sharing websites. Anyhow we will now find our how to ‘download Employment Newspaper’ directly from it’s official website. Follow the below given steps for learning the most easiest process for getting the online version of this publication.


Steps (Method 1)

  • Visit the official website of Employment News (weekly). You can do a Google Search for it.
  • Now when the Home Page of the website loads completely you will notice many links to the inner pages. Presently the official website of Employment News is powered by Monster.
  • You will notice a link named ‘Go to Previous Issues’ just at the extreme top-right corner of the website.
  • Click on it (Go to Previous Issues) to go to the Previous Issues archive page.
  • In the archive page you will find all the back issues of the Employment Newspaper for reading or downloading.

Steps (Method 2)

  • Just do a Google search for ‘Download Employment Newspaper’ and you can get a direct link to the achieve page of the official website of the Employment News.
  • Click on the given archive links for reading on downloading it.
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