How to get Government Assistance for your business growth in India?

1. Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)

In 1970’s for the development of entrepreneurs, number of institutions have come together to provide training and other services to various group of entrepreneurs like, unemployed youth, rural artisans, ex-servicemen, women and handicapped persons.

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In Gujarat, the Government established “Centre fro Entrepreneurship Development” (CED) in 1979. This is the oldest and longest programme in India, which offers entrepreneur development programmes to the new entrepreneurs. This programme was sponsored by the State Government and public sector companies.

This Centre conducts training to the persons selected from amongst the employees, workers, merchants and women and training is provided at six centers.


The programme is designed to prove low cost high quality training. It is also considered as the most comprehensive development programme in India covering various packages like, project counseling, motivation development, management orientation information on sources for making project plans, and overall confidence development.

Significant features of successful Gujarat EDP are identification of potential entrepreneurs, comprehensive training to entrepreneurs, post training counseling and management of financial and infrastructural facilities, and imparting theoretical and practical training.

One of the most important features of the CED of Gujarat Government is that the programmes were dispersed throughout the State including in small towns covering more than 6000 entrepreneurs.

2. Management Development Institute (MDI)

Management Development institute has been set up in Gurgaon near Delhi in 1973. This institute has been sponsored by Industrial Finance Corporation of India. Its primary objective is to improve managerial effectiveness in the industry.


This institute is giving training to Government officers and bank employees. Besides giving training to IES officers, and employees of major public sector undertakings like ONGC, BHEL, this institute is also undertaking consultancy and research projects.

3. Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India (EDII)

Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India, a nation organization sponsored by All India financial institutions and the Government of Gujarat was set up in the year 1983.

This institute conducts research, training and institution building activities for the development of backward regions and special target groups in entrepreneurship.

The oldest, largest and most comprehensive programme run by EDII has the mission of selecting potential entrepreneurs, giving achievement motivation training, product selection and project report preparation, business management training, practical training etc.


The principal activities of EDII are conducting and organizing EDPs for potential entrepreneurs throughout the country, generation and dissemination of new knowledge, conducting seminars and workshops on various themes, extension motivation programmes for officers, performance improvement programmes for existing entrepreneurs, orientation progrtammes for NABARD officers, competent management programme for unemployed non-technical graduates etc.

4. Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (IED)

Uttar Pradesh Government established an Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) in collaboration with all the major financial institutes like IFCI and IDBI.

The main objective of setting up this institute is to give special importance to entrepreneurship development needs in the more backward states.

Other states like Madhya Pradesh and Orissa also set up this type of institutions. IED is engaged in organizing training, research and extension activities towards the development of potential entrepreneurs, co-ordinate and support EDPs in less developed regions, imparting training to the trainers and help the institutions engaged in the entrepreneurship development.

5. National Institute for Entrepreneurship and small Business Development (NESBUD)

NESBUD is regarded as the apex body for co-ordination and supervision different agencies associated with the task of entrepreneurial development. It was established in 1983 by Ministry of Industry of Government of India.

This organization has been established to discharge the following functions:

  • Evolve effective entrepreneurship training strategies and methodology.
  • Developing of standardized model syllabus for training to different target groups.
  • Developing training aids and manuals.
  • Conduct those training programs which are not undertaken by other agencies.
  • Ensuring maximum benefits of training programs.

6. Technical Consultancy Organization (TCO)

These organizations are formed by the State Governments with association with all India Financial Institutions. These are designed to provide technical and consultancy services to prospective entrepreneurs. Important functions performed by these organizations are:

  • Searching for industrial potentiality, conducting feasibility study and preparing project profiles.
  • Undertaking techno-economic survey to consider visibility of the project.
  • Searching of prospective entrepreneurs and imparting technical and managerial training.
  • Conducting of market research and helping entrepreneurs in the upgrading and updating their knowledge.

7. Science and technology Entrepreneurship Parks (STEPs)

Industrial Development Bank of India has taken initiative for setting up different STEPs. These parks are National Entrepreneurs Chemical Park (NECP) Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) and Regional Engineering College (REC) Tricky. These institutions are specialized in machine tools, equipments of electrical control and power engineering.

8. Entrepreneurial Guidance Bureau (EGB):

It is an institution whose primary objective is to guide various entrepreneurs in the following areas of activities:

  • Identifying of various investment opportunity.
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in selecting various projects.
  • Preparation of project profiles for different projects.
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in obtaining financial assistance.

9. Indian Investment Centers (IIC):

It is an autonomous non-profit making organization supported by government of India. The primary objective of IIC is to promote joint venture projects between government of India and foreign countries.

This organization has set up EGB to identify various investment opportunities and provide various assistance is setting up the project.

10. Entrepreneurial Motivation Centre (EMC):

Entrepreneurial motivation centre was set-up in the north eastern regions of India. National Institute of Small Industries Extension Training (Hyderabad) provides training to officers drawn from different departments.

After successful completion of training, these officers are posted as heads of different motivation centers. These centers usually select entrepreneurs on the basis of performance of psychological test and personal interview. It provides guidance with regard to self-employment programme.

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