How to Improve Yourself – A short story

No one is born perfect. We all have our defects limitations and bad points. But that does not mean that we should merely accept our weaknesses. We should always endeavour to improve ourselves, our habits, our personality and our relationships with other people.

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You must have heard people say with a shrug, “I’m like that! I can’t change myself.” What a silly thing to say! Of course we can change ourselves. We can improve our nature and strive to become better people.

Rajesh was an ill-tempered and selfish boy. Soon he found that he had very few friends. He could sense that even the few boys who talked to him seemed only to tolerate his company. They did not enjoy being with him.


One day Rajesh asked one of his few friends, “Tell me frankly, Pradeep why is it that I have so few friends? Surly I am not a monster?”

Pradeep replied, “Since you have asked me, I shall tell you the truth, Rajesh. It is because you never share you thing with anyone. You often pass unkind remarks about others. You are sometimes rude. Nobody likes such behavior.

Dejectedly, Rajesh said, “But what can I do about it? That is my nature. I was born the way I am. People must accept me as I am.”

“No,” replied Pradeep, “that is a mistaken way of looking at life, Rajesh. Why don’t you make an effort to improve yourself?” Saying this, Pradeep walked off to the library.


Rajesh though about Pradeep’s advice. He began to notice how the other boys behaved. None of them was rude or ill-tempered. He saw them share their things with their friends.

Gradually, Rajesh began to share his things with his friends. He learnt to help others and to speak politely. To his great joy, he found that his circle of friends increased. He was becoming a popular boy. He also found that he was far happier than he had been before.

Great men are not just born great. They improve themselves over the years. Artists become mater painters by constantly improving their styles and techniques of painting. Inventors model, remodel and improve upon each invention several times; orators improve their voice and style of speaking by constant practice and rehearsal; doctors improve their skills by learning new ways to treat a patient. There is not end to improvement. All of us, in every walk of life, must constantly make an effort to improve ourselves and all that we do.

Once you accept the fact that you are not perfect and realize that you must improve yourself, you will find that it is not an impossible task. If you have the will to improve, you have won half the battle.


In order to improve your behavior, you should first identify your weaknesses. Look around and see what makes others likeable; notice how others behave in various situations and make a note of their good points. Try to do better than you have done before. Soon you will find that you are a better and happier person.

You can improve upon your work by watching how others do their work. Try to emulate those who are better than you. Practice, hard work and a desire to improve will help you to achieve success.

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