How to Overcome Your Fear ? – Story

Many of us are afraid of the future. We fear the unknown and wonder whether something dreadful will happen to us. We become worried and scared merely by thinking about what might happen.

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A tight-rope walker can walk on a thin rope high above the ground only because he does not allow himself to think of the danger of falling. He refuse to let thoughts of the hazard of missing a step enter his mind. Only by doing so can he is clear-headed, steady and calm.

If you are afraid that you will not do well in your examinations, worrying about it will not do you any good. It will only waste your time, confuse you and prevent you from concentrating upon your studies. Worry and fear of the future sap your energy and reduce your strength. Fear prevents you from trying your best to achieve good results. Is it not better, the, to overcome your fears and worries? Is it not better to think of how to secure good marks and how to do well rather than to fear failure in your examinations?


Fear and worry can do nothing to prevent what you are afraid of. It is much better to gather your wits about you and think of ways and means of dealing with the situation. Unfounded worry only serves to dull the sense and confuse the mind.

One sure way of overcoming fear is to push the thoughts of dread away from your mind and to concentrate no something else. Suppose you fear injections very much and you have to take an injection tomorrow. All you have to do is to think about other pleasant things since fearing the injection will not make it go away.

Often, however, you can do something to shape future events. Suppose you have had a serious fight with your friend and you are scared that your friendship will come to an end. There is no point in sitting and worrying about what will happen. It is better to take some action and make a decision according to what you think is best.

A lady was traveling with he children from Delhi to Mumbai by train. There was no one else in her compartment. During the nigh, her baby awoke and began to cry. She switched on the light of the compartment and, to her horror, she saw a man through the window. He had a dagger in his mouth and was inching his way towards the door from the outside.


The lady was very frightened. She was afraid of what the robber might do. She wanted to scream but that would have been no use since she was traveling lone. She wanted to pull the chain but it was beyond her reach. She would have to stand up on the trunk to pull the chain. But she was afraid that her baby would roll off the berth if she did so. What do you think the lady did to meet the situation?

The lady called out to her two elder children, one of whom was ten and the other eight. She told the older girl to hold the baby so that she could stretch across to pull the chain. But as she got up she noticed that the lower bolt of the door had slid open because of the movement of the train. She told the younger girl to crawl on the floor and fasten the bolt. While this was being done, she pulled the chain. The train came to an immediate halt. The security guards jumped down and caught the bandit before he could run away.

You must also overcome your fears like the lady in this story. Take the situation in hand, think clearly and then act.

Leave all your fears and worries behind you and you will find that you will be happy, carefree, gay and cheerful. You will be able to tackle any problem and surmount all your difficulties if you overcome your fears and stop worrying.

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