How to quickly read a newspaper in 20 minutes ?

Recent events in World have once  again underlined the crucial role of newspapers in democratic society. Democracy cannot survive unless  citizens can view developments and problems with objectivity and reason. For this they continual access to an accurate and full answer to the questions:  “What’s new ?


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Despite shortages of paper and finance, we are blessed with some excellent newspapers, brilliant analysts, courageous editors, indefatigable reporters, and perceptive photographers, to say nothing of the delightful cartoonists.

Here’s one system for getting more from the daily of your choice :

  1. Scan headlines in 2 minutes. Good opportunity to practice skimming. This gives you the overall view
  2. Read the big news stories of the day in 6 minutes (local, national, international). This keeps you informed.
  3. Read the editorials in 6 minutes. This tells you what events mean (At least as the editor sees it)
  4. Look at the cartoon and photographs in 1 minute. This for insight, humor and heightened observation.
  5. Read what you like (Sports, films, comics, etc.) in 5 minutes. This is for fun and relaxation.
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