If I were the Principal of My School – Essay

Much of the success or failure of a school depends upon its Principal. The discipline of the school, its moral tone and its popularity throw light on the personality of the Principal. Being a Principal I would try to introduce the below give things.

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If I were the Principal of my school, I would try to introduce co-education. Time has come, when boys and girls should be given training together. The girls generally are more hard working than boys. There will be hard work to outshine girls. Boys will be encouraged to put in hard work to outshine girls. The training and knowledge will be sounder and better.


Compulsory Games for Students

Secondly, I would try to make compulsory games for all students. It is on the playground that the feelings of brotherhood, discipline and social service are created among boys. The herd instinct is developed in them. The team work becomes their habit. The Duke of Wellington once said that it was on the playing field of  Eton that the battle of Waterloo was won. The national cry of England is “Play up ! Play up !” and play the games.”

Maintenance of a First rate Library

Thirdly, I will have a first rate library in my school. The works of all famous authors of all countries shall be stored in the library. Nothing can take place of a good library. It is the best treasure in the world. Canning says “Nothing can supply the place of the books. Let every one gather some good books under the roof. Almost any luxury should be scarified to this.”


Moral Education of all

Fourthly, I shall give moral education to all the students. Literary education doesn’t make a boy or girl moral. Moral education is necessary to make the students wiser, happier and nobler. They  must know their duty towards their country, their fellow beings and God. They must true to themselves. The true ideal of education list in the moral teachings.

Development of Social life

Sixthly, I would like to develop the social life of the students. I will start many kinds of clubs, associations and debating societies. They will broaden the mental outlook of the students. They will increase their knowledge. They will add to their intelligence. They will learn to speak on  the stage. Thus they will cast off their shyness.


Dress and Habits

Lastly, I would like to discourage extravagance in the dress and habits of the students. I would encourage plain living and high thinking among the students. They will be taught that extravagance ruins man and a penny saved is a penny gained.


These and many other things I shall introduce in my school so that students on leaving it may prove worthy in their later life.

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