Indian Juggler – Essay

Essay Introduction:

An Indian juggler is a common figure in a town or a village. He is an entertainer in the rural life of India. At times he is also seen on the cities entertaining crowd on the road.

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Appearance and Dress:

He has no fixed place where he can live. He moves from place to place. He is never seen with his wife and children. He stays in a village or a town for two or three days. Then he leaves for some other place. Generally he continues his tours within a district only. Sometimes he visits other districts in search of fortune.

His appearance and dress are quite peculiar. He ties a big turban on his head. He keeps a full-grown beard. A shirt with long brood sleeves, a fat bag on his shoulder which has many magic things, gives him an appearance of a peculiar person. Sometimes he has two or three monkeys with him. He is generally tall. His face shows that he is a shrewd fellow. His eyes are cunning and vigilant.

Feats and Tricks:


His method of showing tricks is wonderful. He moves his hand very cleverly at the time of giving his show. Our eyes cannot follow. He is one against many. All the spectators tires to find out his secret. But he baffles them all. We have seen him at his movement work a hundred times. We have tried our best to understand his tricks but we have always failed.

He does several trick and feast. All the tricks are equally amusing and and equally mysterious. They are so interesting that spectators remain wonder struck. They continue gasping with wonder. He generally begins his show with producing a rupee from a dust. Then he splits it into two white rupees. Then two are split into four and these four into eight. He goes on with this trick until he has before him a small heap of rupees.

His next trick is the throwing of balls one by one into the air. Then he receives them back without letting any of them fall on the ground. This he does so quickly that the balls seem to make a circle in the air. His mango trick is also very interesting. He plants a small mango stone in a pot. He covers it with a cloth. After a short time he takes the cloth off. Lo! A tiny mango tree laden with ripe mangoes is seen growing on the pot.

But of all the tricks the most surprising is the basket trick. His boy gets into a large basket placed on the ground. He lies in it. The basket is then covered with cloth. The juggler takes a sword. He runs it through the basket cover several times. The boy is heard crying in pain. The sword is covered with blood, when it taken out. Everybody present there seems horrified. He gets angry because he things that the boy has been killed. But after sometime the boy jumps out of the basket. All the spectators feel overjoyed when they see the boy hale and hearty.

His Small Income:


Although the juggler shows wonderful tricks to so many spectators yet his income is very small. This is because he has not changed himself with the changing time. He cannot exploit others. So he fails to earn much.


The juggler is ignorant. He does his work honestly. He succeeds in pleasing others. He thinks that other will please him by paying him for his services. But he is mistaken. The world is very wicked. People see that show. They praise his cleverness. But when he begs they slip away. Very few people give him his due.

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