Letter from a son to his father, expressing dislike for his present occupation

This letter is from a son to his father, expressing dislike for his present occupation:

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Dear Father

I received your letter yesterday. You asked for my opinion about my present occupation.

I hope you will take my reply in right perspective. Frankly speaking, I do not like my job. It is all a routine clerical type work; no intelligence is needed. I have to work as per the fixed norms and go home. I find it extremely monotonous. I have passed more than six months here and still have not attuned to the work and schedule. I have tried my best to get adjusted to this work but I feel much discontented. I can’t adjust with this type of work.

I like the work at that requires initiative, intelligence, creativity and some challenges to face. I have already applied for other jobs at Kolkata and New Delhi, in a few well known MNCs and I hope to get a better job soon. Please don’t worry about me. I will manage everything.


Please convey my love to all at home.

Your Loving son

Your Name.

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