Letter to a friend, asking him about the status of his studies for competitive examinations


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Dearest Ramesh


I haven’t heard from you since long. It seems that you are very busy in preparing for the State Service commission Examination or something else? Anyway, tell me about your preparations. I think you should have completed the initial studies for all the optional papers so far. Here, I like to advise you one very important thing that whenever you start revising your papers, tries to prepare short notes so that you can quickly revise the same again during examination period. This will help you in making several revisions and consequently, you will be able to secure good marks. A good percentage in theory papers means your selection is almost confirmed.

I know you must be straining every nerve, as you are a very hard working and devoted guy. I wish you to see you amongst the first fifty candidates.

I am doing my job well. My good wishes for the exams.

Do write to me for any deserving service.


Yours truly


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