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Dear Sitaram


I was glad to receive your letter. It was a pleasure to know that you are enjoying the winter vacations at your Mamaji’s place in Lucknow. You have asked about the annual function held in my school.

Well, the annual function of my school was held on 2nd January, Tuesday. A stage was built up. Three big ‘Shamianas’ were fixed. Our Education Minister was the Chief Guest for the day. A cultural show was arranged, in which one-act plays, folk dances and songs were presented. After the cultural show, the Principal read the Annual Report. The chief guest distributed prizes to the meritorious students and the best performers. He praised the efforts made by our school in preparing the students for the annual function. The function ended after a tea-party. It was a properly arranged and well managed function.

Convey my regards to your Mamaji, Mamiji and love to Bittu, Neetu and the little Baby.


Yours sincerely


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