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Dear Gopal


I received your letter explaining your inability to come here on my birthday. As you know, I celebrated my birthday on 12th Dec. in your absence. It was truly a memorable occasion for me. The birthday party was arranged at our residence at 6pm.

The central hall was beautifully decorated. New curtains, flower-pots and the furniture looked lovely. I bought all necessary things from the market. We invited all our close friends and relatives.

I cut the cake after blowing the candles. Everyone sang the birthday song. Tasty dishes, including hot tea and coffee were served. Everyone enjoyed the party. The guests presented me wonderful gifts. My father gifted me a Titan wrist watch. It is a beautiful and very useful gift for me. I enjoyed the party a lot.

Oh! how I missed you on that day! But you had your compulsions. Anyway, please convey my regards to your parents.


Yours sincerely


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