Letter to a friend from hostel, telling him about an interesting weekend that you spent at your friend’s house recently


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Dear friend Mohan


I have been thinking to write to you for the last several days about my short but enjoyable stay at one of my friend’s house. As you are aware, I am well settle in the hostel now. I have made some very good friends here. I wrote you earlier about my friend Pankaj, who belongs to Kolkata. Last month, when the school closed for winter vacations, Panjak took me with him, to Kolkata. His father is an Executive Engineer in PHED. He owns a big house and a small farmhouse there, at Kolkata. Kolkata is a large metropolitan city. We visited the Planetarium, Victoria Place, Dakshineshwar temple, Vivekananda’s Ramkrishna Mission, etc. We also traveled in Metro-train and tram, a small train with two coaches that runs or rather walks with a slow speed on roads full of traffic. I purchased two shirts and a wrist-watch from the Maidaan market at very economical prices.

I really enjoyed my short stay with Pankaj. His parents are very generous and amiable. Every member of his family showered me with love and affection. Their love and affection will always remain fresh in my mind.

What about you? When are you going to London? Please write me your exact programme so that I can plan to visit you accordingly.


Yours truly

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