Letter to a friend, inviting to your village during summer vacations


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Dear Samar


I hope this letter finds you in good spirit. I’m sure you might be having a tough time with the rise in temperature in Kanpur. Why don’t you come here for a change?

I earnestly desire that you should come over to my village during the summer vacations. We both shall enjoy here and I am sure that you will positively like the village life. It will be a delightful change for you.

Rampur is famous for mountains, lakes, rivers, green forests and natural beauty. There are many beautiful natural picnic sports near my village. Kali Ghati, Bhujang Shiv, Jharna etc. are some of them, famous for water fall and natural beauty.

City life is full of hustle-bustle, very busy and has become much polluted. You will find the village life very peaceful, pollution free and with lush of greenery. You will feel as if you are somewhere in a hilly station


Please confirm your date of arrival.

Convey my regards to your parents and love to Polly.

Yours sincerely


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