Letter to a friend living abroad, telling him about the frequent incidences of communal violence in India


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Dear Jakob


I received your letter day before yesterday and noted your concern about the incidences of communal violence taking places in India.

Actually, as you know very well, in a democratic setup, everyone enjoys the freedom of expressing his views freely. This liberty is being misused by a few politicians and religious leaders, by inciting the gullible masses for their vested interests. The fear psychosis, ignorance and illiteracy of the Indian folk are being used to grind their own axes, by these fanatics and politicians. Neither the Muslims nor the Hindus religious leaders every try to allay the imaginary fears or pacify the sentiments of their followers, so as to keep them attached to their apron-strings.

Even the media is seemingly projecting the things in a much exaggerated shape in order to enhance the TRP ratings and sales figures.

However, things are improving gradually; people have realized the futility of such violence in the name of religion. An awakening has begun. I expect this awakening among the common men will positively result in more fraternity, brotherhood and tolerance.


How are you, what is new at your end? You didn’t write anything about your business. Please pay my respect to your parents and covey my Namsate to your friends.

Yours sincerely



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